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Sara began practicing yoga at teacher training college when aged 19 years and qualified as a yoga teacher when she was 26. She is one of only a small number of yoga teachers in the North east teaching both Iyengar Yoga, a classic and steady paced form of yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, a dynamic and flowing form of Power yoga that has recently become popular in the West. Sara has also developed a new yoga discipline, Yoga SculptTM, using weights for added resistance and offers this as an addition to Power yoga classes

YogaWellbeing provides individual Personal Training packages for singles and groups at your convenience and at very affordable prices.

Sara's understanding of biological sciences, physical and mental health and yoga allow her to bring a unique, very effective and beneficial experience to those she works with.

For the last six years Sara has specialised in yoga as a remedial and therapeutic treatment, qualifying as a professional therapist in 2011. YogaWellbeing offers Yoga Therapy treatment at the Saville Clinic, Newcastle City Centre by appointment.

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