5 Benefits of Yoga Every Woman Will Love

“If a woman sits with folded hands in her lap for a few minutes every day and feels she is a container so vast that she contains the whole Universe, she will never feel weak or have any problems. There is nothing beyond woman except God.” – Yogi Bhajan

A woman is a reservoir of knowledge, which is waiting to cascade on the world to transform it into the image of god. A woman is the birth giver, the caretaker and the most magnificent creation in the universe. Have you ever noticed that out all of the possible physical form of activities women associate with yoga more than men? In a regular yoga class, if there are 20 students, there will 15 women and 5 men. This approximate 75:25 ratio makes everyone wonder why do woman love yoga more than going to the gym, running or any other sport they could chose from? Appeasing and nourishing for the mind, body and soul, the art form of yoga is not something that will offer more weight loss than at a gym, neither will it burn more calories than running, rather yoga has both faces to itself; fierce as well as soothing.

Then why do woman love yoga more than men?

The answer lies in the simple steps of yoga. Here are a few benefits of yoga, which makes women go back for more:

Nurtures the individual from within

Anyone who has practiced the art form understands that yoga nurtures the practitioner from within unlike all the art forms that are directed towards merely the external appearance. Just like yoga, a woman is also looking to nurture her family and herself internally as well as externally. Only the exterior practice cannot pacify a women deeper needs to feed herself. The light touches of Hatha Yoga and the soothing experience of meditation allows her to tap into her reservoir of knowledge. Yoga has the capability to ignite the feminine as well as the masculine energy and when a woman steps into her yogini role,she finds the strength of a man and the placidness of a woman that balances her and prepares her to take upon life with full force.

A source of empowerment

The art form of yoga is both empowering and encouraging as it works on the etheric body and opens up the aura. With an upsurge in feminism, a woman needs more strength than ever, especially in developing countries. Offering a sense of freedom, the practice of yoga will give a well-reformed connection to the self and enhance the practitioners link to Mother Earth as well with deep grounding techniques. When a woman practices yoga, she finds a force of energy flowing through her, which helps her to combat the everyday challenges of home, work, family as well as social circumstances. Also, the three significant phases of a women’s life: mensuration, pregnancy and menopause, where she needs more power than ever, yoga comes to her aid, helping her through thick and thin.

Widens the subconscious mind

The feminine power is governed by emotions, fluidity and intuition. It is a known fact that a woman is more intuitive than a man. The profound practice of yoga asks of the practitioner to be in the moment and live each second fully, which further fires the intuition and gut feeling. Connecting you to the inner radiance, all the facets of yoga including the poses, breath work and mental work, everything works towards opening up the subconscious mind, which further creates a gateway towards lesser thoughts and higher instinctual power. Swami Satyananda Sarawasati, a renowned yogi and writer of many books cites how Yoga Nidra enhances a yogi’s connection to the world and people around them, thereby giving way to higher sensitivity, clairvoyant abilities and awareness.

Creates a balanced mind

Balancing is a difficult act, especially in the era where we have ten things to do at a time. A woman has many roles to play in society and she is expected to do be more giving and caring. An empty vessel cannot offer anything, although if it was balanced, it will be full of love, energy and non-judgmental attitude. Swami Satyananda Sarawasati said that, “Yoga Nidra is the yoga of aware sleep. In this lies the secret of self-healing. Yoga Nidra is a pratyahara technique in which the distractions of the mind are contained and the mind is relaxed.” With a relaxed mind one can balance all the various aspects of one’s life and live each day to the fullest.

Establishes a connection with the self

A woman has more apprehensions and doubts about her body than a man, this leads to a lot of neglect and contempt for one’s own self. Many women have reported how yoga allowed them to connect to themselves and acknowledge their flaws. They also report that it has allowed them to create a better life just because they could come to terms with their limitations and convert them into their strengths. Yogas basic principal is to love ones body or loving everything we see, do and perform. Appreciating ones body and finding peace at wherever you are in your life journey makes yoga an appreciated art form.

Yoga can simplify a woman’s complex life while dealing with multiple issues at a time. It can empower her and link her to her core being which is the universal truth. This has led Yoga to become a much demanded subject by more and more women as compared to men, carving its niche among the women of today.

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