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Beginners Yoga

Tuesday Dec 2019
Pincha and Peanuts, Billinge, St Helens Merseyside
Phone: December 17th, 2019 - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

six week *yoga course in St Helens, Merseyside teaching you the basics of yoga.

Lets set the scene…there will be a group of us in a dimly lit room, scented by some lovely, uplifting aromatherapy scents. I will be positioned at the front of you, to demonstrate the poses. Throughout the class I will leave my mat to encourage you individually and enhance your alignments while holding the guided poses. There are no front and backs of the room and I encourage us all to leave our egos at the door, ensuring we are here for one reason only, to give back to ourselves. In this room we will not be comparing, we will not be pushing ourselves and using force. We will be focusing on us as an individual, on our mats, being grateful and thankful that we have given ourselves time to connect with oneself. Giving thanks to our bodies for achieving what it can do on this present day, acceptance.

Each week starts with the explanation of a concept, some time to try it out and ask questions, and then a yoga session with relaxation to finish.

Week 1 – Breathing and the Importance of the Breath

We will cover the importance of the breath in a yoga session, explore techniques, and try these out during our practice.

Week 2 – Sun Salutations

A sun salutation is a flow of postures which serve to warm and stretch the muscles, ready for our yoga session. In this session, we run through the salutations, covering the benefits, check points to look out for and variations to suit every fitness level.

Week 3 – Postures, and finding the right postures for you

Looking into the postures (asanas); covering correct alignment, modifications for different fitness levels and the benefits of each asana. Exploring ways to fit yoga into your lifestyle, outside of classes.

Week 4 – Relaxation

We focus on using yoga to relax. This includes making the most of savasana – corpse pose – which allows the nervous system to return to normal, and helps calm our busy minds, as well as using the above yoga techniques as stress relievers at home. We also look at stress, how can affect us and, importantly, how to manage stress levels both on and off the yoga mat.

The aim of this class is for you to learn how to disconnect from the outside world and its distractions and reconnect with yourself. To relax but also gain strength, to cleanse our minds and bodies, to create a habit of mindfulness. To give thanks to your body for every breath it takes.


This beginners yoga course in St Helens only costs £60. This includes six weekly classes AND  a yoga starters kit.  The yoga kit consists of a yoga mat, a yoga block and a yoga strap to enhance, assist and modify your poses.

You can also purchase without the kit if you already own the equipment. Use the drop down menu to select the package you require.

* £45 for the full course
* £60 for the full course, and a yoga starter pack, including yoga mat, block and strap

At the end of the six week course you will then have the opportunity to continue with your practice on the same evening or another to suit.

IMPORTANT – Once you have purchased your package, you will receive and email with a personal link to your exclusive membership. You will need to then log on to secure your six classes that are suitable for you.

Classes available are:

Tuesday 11-12pm

Tuesday 8.15-9.15pm

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me.

Cant wait to see you all!

Lea x

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