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Spring Equinox Day Retreat of Yoga Nidra Soundscape

Saturday Mar 2019
Coffin Works, Birmingham
Phone: March 23rd, 2019 - All Day

Spring Equinox Day Retreat

This year’s annual field trip will be held at the ’Coffin Works’ in Jewelry quarter.  Why you may very well ask when in previous years we have it outside.  Well this beautiful, grade listed building will be cool enough!  Pardon the oun.

The Day Retreat

Will be filled with reflection as we hour the dead and contemplate our own, in the Yoga Nidra Soundscape title ’Death/ Loss & Givences.  This Lucid dreaming Yoga Nidra is one of a kind and there is no better place than the Coffin Works to host this work of art.

So we contemplate death so we can fully embody the fruits of the second Yoga Nidra of this spectacular day.  In on of the turning if the season we will embrace life with the Yoga Nidra Soundscape titlltled ’Spring Glory’.

On this day we shall be opening the doors to guest teachers and practices.  See timetable below.


10.45 Welcoming

11 – Coffin Works Tour commences.

12.30 – 1.30 Lunch (please bring a dish to share).

1.30  A vow of silence is respectfully imposed.

1.45 – 2.45 1st Yoga Nidra (open floor to verbally share).

2.45 – 3.15 1st Guest specker presents their offerings.

3.15 – 4.15 2nd Yoga Nidra (open floor to verbally share).

4.15 – 4.45 2nd Guest specker presents their offerings.

4.45 – 5 pm Silence is lifted and dessert is shared.

It’s going to be a tight scedule so please put enough money in your parking meter.  I‘m going speculate, 5.30pm.


Since the ’Coffin Works’ is not a Yoga Studio, please bring;

  1. A thick mat, be that a Yoga and camping mat or a rug
  2. two house hold cushions
  3. One pillow
  4. Two blankets or a blanket and a sleeping bag.


Please bring food to share; a mixture of lunches, deserts and drinks to share.  If your not sure what to bring why not leave a comment on the facebook post.  I’ll be leaving mne their and i’ll post the number of attendees , but to give you an idea the room can only hold 15 so first come first served, so don’t delay, book now.


I am not sure what this is like, so please check a head of time so you won’t be late.



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