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This event has expired.

Detox Yoga Workshop

Sunday Feb 2020
Woodside Medical Centre, St Helens Merseyside
Phone: February 9th, 2020 - 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Yoga is for everyone. The aim of this workshop is to help you cleanse and reboot your body and mind after the darker seasons.
  • Energise ~ We will begin the afternoon with a flowing, energising sequence to awaken the body.
  • Detox ~ We work through specific postures that focus on lengthening, twisting and compressing your digestive system and stimulating your elimination organs to allow for maximum release of internal toxins.
  • Breathe ~ Pranayama (breathing techniques) is another wonderful way to cleanse not only the body, but the mind. We will work through a basic yet powerful method to bring your entire system into balance.
  • Relax ~ We will close our practice with some beautiful restorative postures, drawing focus inwards and away from external events and stresses. A guided meditation will end our workshop with a yummy fresh smoothie to wash it all down with!

Cant wait to see you!

Details: Sunday 9th February 1:30pm-3.30pm @ Woodside Medical Centre, Haydock, St Helens

Investment: * Regular Registration: £20 — Space is limited


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