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This event has expired.

Hatha Flow Yoga class for all levels

Wednesday Jan 2018
The Maybury Cenre, Woking Surrey
Phone: January 24th, 2018 - 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

Does this sound familiar…

• I want to relax and de-stress
• I want to move my body more
• I have tight hips / shoulders / back and want to get more flexible
• I want to get stronger
• I want to feel stronger, more flexible and have better balance
• I want to learn yoga
• I want to develop my yoga practice
• I want to attend a regular class where I get to know the teacher and she gets to know me
• I want to do yoga where the class vibe is accepting and the teacher helps me to feel comfortable and welcomed
• I want to go to a class where it doesn’t matter what I look like or how ‘good’ I am at yoga
• I want to rehab from a sports injury and my physio / doctor said try yoga
• I want to get my body back after giving birth
• I want to be part of a nice community

If any of these sound like you, or you have any other reason for wanting to do yoga – you are welcome to join my new yoga classes, starting in Woking in April.

*About the teacher and class*

I welcome everyone, no matter your age, gender, sexuality, body shape, ethnicity or experience. I aim to teach with compassion and to empower you to be in your body, with ease and acceptance.

Each class will be mindful with the aim to create a spacious, relaxed feeling in the body and mind, and develop your strength, flexibility and balance.

Class sequences will be a fusion of static poses and flow (movement linked to breath) and instructions for safe alignment. Some classes may contain pranayama and meditation for a deeper mental relaxation.

Classes are for 75 mins (1 hour and a quarter).

*What do I need to bring/wear?*

Please bring your own yoga mat, and a blanket or towel for Savasana (relaxation at the end). If you need yoga mat advice no problem, please send me a message.

Wear loose fitting clothing which you can easily move in. Yoga is practiced with bare feet but you can put your socks on for relaxation/Savasana.

Water to stay hydrated.

*Price and booking*

• First class for everyone is £5. Bring a friend and its £3 each for the first class.

After your first class you have 3 price options and can take as many class as you like, whenever you like:

• One class £12

• 5 classes £45 (works out at £9 per class)

• 10 classes £75 (works out at £7.50 per class)

Booking ahead and payment in advance is essential. Once you RSVP I will get in touch to arrange this. RSVP without booking/payment is not a guaranteed place in the class, sorry. It makes things run more smoothly for me, and means you can arrive and relax without thinking ahead about bringing cash, and simply enjoy the class.

*Questions are welcome*

I welcome any question about yoga, about me, about the class. Call (07766 318813), email (rachel@rachelyoungyoga.com) or message via meet-up. I’ve also written some info on my website.

I’m so looking forward to starting these classes and getting to know you. Come along and be part of our new yoga community in Woking.

Rachel xx

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