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Mindful MATAIP Yoga Pilates and Wellbeing Retreat

Friday Sep 2018
Quinta Mimosa, 8100-256 Loule
Phone: September 14th, 2018 - September 21st, 2018 - 9:00 am

14-21 SEPTEMBER 2018

Relax, Recharge, Revitalize, Boost Confidence Levels, Heal Deeply

Feel Awesome improving YOUR performance in life.

Session delivered by Master Coach/Director Mark Thomas Inst. Personal Development. Cert. Dip. Yoga. Pilates, Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Reflexology, Mataip Accupressure, Stress Management and more

Situated in beautifully picturesque Loule 20 mins from Faro airport and only 15 mins from the beach.

Book your place for the retreat by completing the contact form or contacting Mark on 07790 024776 to confirm availability.


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