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ONLINE | The Womanhood: Connecting to Nature (Our Nature) Workshop

Friday May 2020
Online, Online
Phone: May 29th, 2020 - 7:15 pm - 8:45 pm

ONLINE: The Womanhood – Connecting to Nature (our Nature)


Take time to drop out of the noise around and connect within.

In this workshop we will be dropping into the power and wisdom held within our own bodies through movement, meditation and sound.

We’ll be honouring the wisdom of the feminine, in nature and inherently within ourselves.

This workshop is designed for women; honouring our ways of being and moving, and our connection to each other and collective power.


Women are most powerful when they come together. In these times of isolation, here is a chance to connect with your sisters. 

The Womanhood courses have been running at Yoga Hero for a number of years, empowering women and creating some great friendships and support networks. “Connecting to Nature” is an off-spring of The Womanhood course. This singular workshop is a chance to reconnect, explore more deeply or simply have a dabble if you have never been before.

The workshop will consist of time to connect with each other, deep relaxation, meditation, and gentle yoga movements suitable for all women.


Perfect For:

* Absolutely ALL women! (including pregnant and postnatal)


Props needed:

* Zoom (and a device such as laptop)

* pillows, blankets, cushions, duvets (Basically, whatever you can get hold of to get yourself completely comfortable to lie down and rest deeply).

(Please do have your cameras working in zoom and in a position for Rachel to see you throughout the workshop)




Book online via MindBody by following this link: https://yogahero.co.uk/event/online-the-womanhood-connecting-to-nature-our-nature/

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