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Pregnancy Yoga

Monday Feb 2020
Trinity Church hall, Lower Earley Berkshire
Phone: February 17th, 2020 - April 27th, 2020 - 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Pregnancy Yoga Classes in Earley – Every Monday

We will work on physical postures to both help relieve areas of aches & discomfort through movement & stretching as well as building physical strength within the body to help your body cope with the changes & additional weight you will carry as your beautiful baby grows. Being physically strong may also help during labour. Additionally, we will practice postures that you can use whilst birthing that may help you find a little more comfort.
In addition to the physical movement we will bring in breathing practices to help calm your nervous system, which in turn will help the body & mind relax, these breathing techniques can again be used whilst giving birth. The class will close with a lovely relaxation where you can have a well-deserved snooze, connect with your baby, enjoy quiet time, or all of the above.
Suitable for ladies 12wks onwards including yoga beginners.

What are the benefits of pregnancy yoga?
Yoga is what you make of it, it can be a purely physical experience for you or it can be a mental, emotional &/ or even spiritual journey. It has the power to transform your body & mind & soul in a positive way that you, your friends, family colleagues & others will benefit from! So what benefits may you see from a pregnancy yoga practice specifically:
– Helps alleviate common aches & discomfort that may be created as the body changes during pregnancy
– Combining movement & breathwork will provide a mindful practice to calm the mind whilst allowing you to go inwards, building self-awareness and reducing stress, anxiety & depression
– Improve muscular strength in the body which will support you throughout pregnancy and delivery.
– Promotes good posture, which helps to prevent lower back discomfort and an excessive pelvic tilt.
– Learn specific breathing techniques to help calm your body & mind at any given moment throughout your pregnancy & during labour.
– May help improve energy levels & sleep quality during pregnancy
– Improves circulation in the cardio & lymphatic systems which may help to reduce or prevent leg cramps, varicose veins & oedema within the extremities.
– You will learn postures that may help make you a little more comfortable when giving birth & may help to position the baby
– Provides time to relax & connect with your baby and enjoy ‘you time’.
– Connect with other pregnant mums to be in the local area & build a support network

Taster session is £5
Following this classes are to be booked in a block of 6 at £60 to be used within 8 weeks.
(Blocks can be adapted if you’re in your third trimester, so pls contact me)

All classes require booking & payment in advance.

To book pls email me at: sally@sallysyogaforwellbeing.co.uk or contact me on my facebook page. Alternatively you can call me on 07930356671

I look forward to meeting you on the mat 🙂


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