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Somatic Yoga

Wednesday Feb 2020
The Forge Yoga Centre, Totnes Devon
Phone: February 19th, 2020 - 5:45 pm - 7:15 pm

A safe and relaxed place to explore – Come with a beginner’s mind

A Somatic Yoga class is suitable for all abilities.

Beginners or those working with an injury may benefit as we invite you to feel your way to move more safely. This is a sensitivity training to learn how to meet our edges with an awareness of our companions; the ground, breath, and spine.

Somatic Yoga is a great place to nurture your body’s tissues with healthy movement and to find your own unique expression in each moment.

“Movement is the song of the body. (…) This song, if you care to listen to it, is beauty. We could say that it is part of nature. We sing when we are happy and the body goes with it like waves in the sea.” – Vanda Scaravelli

We often start the class by coming to lie on the ground.

From there we explore playfully moving in and out of poses, gently guided by visualisation, stories of human anatomy, and touch-based inquiries to listen to the song of the body.

We sound and chant in this class but, like all invitations made during the session, this is optional. If you prefer to simply rest and receive the vibrations instead, that’s welcome too.

Music is often played in class to enhance our experience of moving or resting.

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