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Soundbath Meditation

Sunday Feb 2020
Mandala Preston, Preston
Phone: February 16th, 2020 - 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Tickets limited to 18

Join Emma for a deeply relaxing immersion in the angelic sounds of crystal singing bowls and chimes, guided meditation and tea

You will release tightly held tension and achieve a deep inner sense of peace, happiness and clarity.

We will begin the session with relaxing breathing exercises and guided Intention Setting, followed by the Soundbath and a guided body loving kindness meditation.

This is meditation with zero effort, just allow your mind to drift off while she plays the singing bowls for a beautifully relaxing experience.

What is a Soundbath?
Firstly, Nobody gets wet and everyone wears comfy clothing!
A Soundbath is a beautiful method of incredibly deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

You will be covered with our soft blankets, pop one of our eye masks on and lay down while I play the beautiful Crystal and Himalayan bowls and chimes to take you into deeply restorative and rejuvenating mental and physical relaxation. The sounds and vibrations of the singing bowls slow your brainwaves, calm your thoughts and relax your nervous system.

About Emma
Emma trained with leading sound trainers in drum, crystal bowls, Himalayan Bowls and therapeutic percussion, she also trained with the world-renowned British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) and received Distinctions in all aspects of all instruments leading to her now been retained by BAST as a consultant and trainer.

She’s been featured on the BBC, her performance at The Harris Under the Moon exhibition sold out in 3 hours and her 4 performances at the flagship Lancashire Encounters festival all sold out far in advance of the event.

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