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Super Simple Doable Yoga

Wednesday Oct 2019
Castleford-yoga at Overview Studios, Castleford West Yorkshire
Phone: October 30th, 2019 - 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm

This is a special class that will be running on Wednesday 6:15pm through out October where we explore – Super simple doable yoga.

Do you want to start a yoga practice but don’t feel you are able to move up and down from the floor in a swift manner?
You’d prefer a simple stretch, relaxation and meditation based class that leaves you feeling re-energised and accomplished?

We could do a super simple doable yoga with lots of props, assistance of the wall or chair, where we take things at a very leisurely pace.
No sun salutation, no quick up and down off the floor, no stepping legs forward from down dog. Just super simple, individual poses that address the commonly tight spots in the body.  (You still need to be able to get on and off the floor without help. If that is where you are stuck, get practicing at home so you can join us soon.) This yoga class will be great for seniors over 60 and anyone who wants a quite leisurely approach.


 The structure of the class will be along these lines:

– Savasana relaxation – to arrive on the mat

– easy warm up on the floor

– seated poses

– standing poses with wall assistance

– Pranayama – breathing practice

– Restorative yoga poses with props

– Savasana relaxation – to help you absorb the practice and let you leave feeling relaxed and content


If this sounds like something you or a family member could benefit from, please reply and let me know if you are able to join the Wednesday 6:30pm class.

Click here to book this class.

You can book these as a “one off drop-in” or use your membership credits as well as any flexi pack credits.

Got more questions? Please get in touch: Email:  marie.castlefordyoga@gmail.com Phone: 01977 730 055

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