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Tuesday Aug 2019
Clinic Equilibrium Bowdon, Altrincham
Phone: August 20th, 2019 - 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

It’s time to X-Hail with Spiritual Mentor and Coach

Charlotte-Victoria at your choice of weekly classes, workshops, immersion days and retreats!

‘Think relaxation and soothing gentle movement,

against a backdrop of chart music that you know and love,

combined with inspirational affirmations and sacred mantra,

to bring  you a sense of calm, breathing space, clarity and spiritual connection unlike anything you’ve felt before! ‘

 We call it…

Accessible spirituality for the modern girl!

Weekly breathing space for the frazzled away from the laptop, the kids, the noise!

Beditation: Modern meditation that feels as easy as falling asleep!

Weekly space for  inspiration and understanding of how to move forwards towards the best YOU!

Time for connection to YOURSELF, your SOUL and to other women who get it!

Weekly classes are held in the boutique pilates studio 

Clinic Equilibrium, Bowdon, Cheshire 

on Tuesdays evenings 6.30-7.30pm starting January 2018! 

£32 for a 4 week class term.

Max of 7 women per term to ensure a bespoke, personalised session for all.  

WAIT-LIST already open with booking being taken now!

FREE Tasters are available on the following dates: 

Sat 21st Oct 3-4.30pm

Fri 24th Nov 7-8.30pm

Sat 9th Dec 10-11.30pm

Workshops and Immersion Days held right across the country! 

To BOOK your mat

email info@charlotte-victoria.com info@charlotte-victoria.com

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