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X-Hail Signature Sessions: Modern Meditation in Lymm

Tuesday Sep 2019
Phone: September 24th, 2019 - 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

X-Hail: Classes and Workshops for ALL that you are! Mind, Body and Soul!
Forget everything you thought you knew about Meditation! This is X-HAIL!
This is a space where this ancient practice and the modern world align!
Born out of a need to protect her own mental health and wellbeing after suffering with anxiety and postnatal depression and a severe form of OCD, Charlotte, launched X-HAIL in 2018.
We provide a range of relaxing yet modern classes and workshops that teach you techniques to support your emotional well-being for life or simply provide you with a dedicated space to reclaim your sense of calm!
This is for everybody!
Rest assured there is no whale music or any need to be a pretzel bending body and whilst we honour the ancient roots of this practice we are certainly not guru status teachers. We are simply people just like you, teaching what we know works for us!
We teach children as young as 2 and you can often find us in super stressed out offices, your local gym or yoga studio, or schools and colleges.
We have instructors nationwide and can work with you, your family or your colleagues 1-2-1, weekly, monthly, at your place or in your work space.
Classes with founder Charlotte, run in Lymm Tuesdays 8pm
Get in touch to find out more on hello@x-hail.org or visit our website www.x-hail.org
P.S. Applications to join our instructor team are open NOW! Head over to the website for details and to apply!

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