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Yin yoga & Mindfulness workshop

Friday Jan 2020
Urban Zen Yoga & Movement Studio, Swansea Swansea
Phone: January 31st, 2020 - 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Mindfulness and Yin yoga go hand in hand. 

Both practices can help us be more present in the moment, bringing our attention to what is happening in the body and focusing on the breath. They give us the tools to simply notice what is going on right here, right now, without getting tied up in what happened in the past or what might happen in the future. This mindful attention can then be taken into our daily lives, allowing us to focus on the situation at hand, keeping a clear head and being less stressed about it. 

My name is Victoria Ucele, and I have designed these classes to help you feeling energised, focused and ready for the weekend. The sessions are centred around a series of long, passive Yin poses, and end with a pure and simple mindfulness practice. Both give you the opportunity to listen to your body, as well as release tension and calm your mind. The deep stretch also penetrates the connective tissue in areas so many of us have problems with, such as the back and hips, helping them to become stronger. I teach functional rather than aesthetic yoga, encouraging you to focus on what you feel in your body rather than the shapes you are making. I look at everyone as individuals with distinct bodies and minds, helping you adapt your practice so it is uniquely yours.

Yin yoga & Mindfulness sessions are for anyone and everyone, particularly those who want to step out of their stressful lives, slow down and be present. The sessions are held every month, and cost just £10 following that. Find details and dates of the classes here, and sign up on the Urban Zen Yoga & Movement website.


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