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Yin Yoga & Mindfulness workshop: Twists & turns and lessons learned

Friday Mar 2020
Urban Zen Yoga & Movement Studio, Swansea / Abertawe Swansea
Phone: March 27th, 2020 - 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The end of Winter is a perfect time to clean, cleanse & rejuvenate, and twists are wonderful at doing just that. 

They can also be great for releasing & rejuvenating the spine, as well as stretching the upper body; chest, shoulders and neck. Additionally, many yogis believe the movements to be useful in detoxification. Twists encourage the rush of fresh blood, with its fresh oxygen and nutrients, helping our digestive organs to work more efficiently.

The aim of this workshop is for you to feel energised, detoxified and opened up. So do join Vicky for her twisty special at this month’s Yin Yoga & Mindfulness. 

Yin Yoga & Mindfulness workshops cost £10, and you can buy tickets on the urban zen yoga & movement website: http://urbanzenyogacafe.com/ 


About Yin Yoga & Mindfulness with Vicky

Mindfulness and Yin yoga go hand in hand. 

Both practices can help us be more present in the moment, bringing our attention to what is happening in the body and focusing on the breath. They give us the tools to simply notice what is going on right here, right now, without getting tied up in what happened in the past or what might happen in the future. This mindful attention can then be taken into our daily lives, allowing us to focus on the situation at hand, keeping a clear head and being less stressed about it.

Read more about Vicky’s Yin Yoga & Mindfulness sessions on her website: https://www.uceleyoga.com/bookings-checkout/yin-yoga-mindfulness-3

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