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Yoga Class

Saturday Nov 2019
The Lotus Sanctuary, Didcot Oxfordshire
Phone: November 23rd, 2019 - 9:30 am - 10:45 am

This will be a Sivananda yoga class with a traditional sequence of yoga postures aimed at releasing stress and tension, relaxing and rejuvenating body and mind and restoring inner peace.  It is a weekly class.

Sivananda yoga is based on yoga as it has been practised in India for centuries. It was designed to be a complete exercise system. Through our flowing warm-up sequence of sun salutations, to the inverted postures, forward bends, backward bends, twists and lateral postures, our yoga classes strengthen and lengthen all the muscles of the body. In particular, we completely stretch the spinal cord, the central conduit of the nervous system, which gives rise to the dramatic energising and relaxing effects of this style of yoga.

In yoga we believe that deep relaxation is critical to enjoying good energy levels and vibrant health. But relaxation doesn’t occur through rest alone – it occurs through exertion via the asanas (yoga postures) and then intentional, active letting go of tension. To that end, the breathing exercises, warm-up sequences and postures we practice in our yoga classes lengthen and strengthen the muscles of the body and send oxygenated blood along the spine, rejuvenating the nervous system. Then, when we relax the body, we find that we are far more able to let the muscles completely relax.

A Sivananda practice equally values the breath, postures and intentional relaxation (shavasana) to unify mind, body and spirit. Developing and deepening your practice over time comes by progressively holding the asanas for longer and introducing more variations.

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