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Do Dru Yoga with Alison M

  • 7 Hill Street, Mauchline, Ayrshire and Arran KA5 5QZ.

About Do Dru Yoga with Alison M

Sun Sequence Cynic to Dru Devotee.

I’ve suffered from back pain since my 30s and my osteopath advised me to try yoga. I was lucky to find a Dru Yoga class close to work. I attended the class only for the movements and stretching then after a few months I began to notice a reduction in my back pain. Then I literally went from strength to strength as all the other benefits of Dru yoga crept in. Impressed by these benefits, I signed up for the Dru Teaching course in 2005, have been teaching since 2007 and enjoy passing on the benefits of Dru.

All you need to bring is a mat, blanket and an open mind, Dru will do the rest.

Dru Yoga can help reduce stress and tension, ease back pain & improve spinal health, here’s how……
With its soft flowing movements Dru Yoga is a gentle yet potent form of yoga.
Based on ancient yogic techniques and hatha postures, the Dru approach works with focused breathing to find your inner calm. You’ll be touching more than your toes.
Dru is for you: No matter what age, shape or size you are, you’ll be able to do Dru Yoga. We can teach many ways to do a yoga pose depending on your unique ability.

What Makes Dru Yoga Different?
• Joints are kept relaxed and soft during movement (as in tai chi). creating flexibility and a free flow of subtle energy. Softness makes it safe, protects your joints and increases strength & stamina.
• Dru’s Energy Block Release (EBR) sequences are easy-to-practise, flowing movements that help to release tension physically, mentally and emotionally.
• In Dru all movements originate from the spine, because a flexible, healthy spine supports you and your entire yoga practice.
• Promotes an understanding of core stability and muscle balance.

Here’s the Science………
In a survey of 450 Dru Yoga students, 72% found Dru Yoga reduced their back pain.
In the world’s first randomised controlled trials into the benefits of yoga in the workplace, Dru Yoga has been shown to significantly decrease back pain, increase performance under stress, boost confidence and emotional wellbeing.

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