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MamaBabyBliss Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Yoga & Toddler Yoga

Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
Phone: 07904 374212
Website Address: https://www.mamababybliss.com/find-a-class-or-therapist-near-you/biggleswade-and-st-neots-pregnancy-yoga-baby-massage-yoga-classes/
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PREGNANCY BLISS YOGA & RELAXATION - Classes to nurture and prepare your body, mind and spirit throughout your pregnancy, childbirth and labour. Includes pregnancy-specific yoga postures and techniques to help open the hips and bring flexibility to the pelvis, align the posture and relieve backache and other pregnancy ailments and postures to help strengthen the body and build stamina. Also breathing techniques for childbirth preparation, yoga on the ball and other supportive techniques such as massage for labour. Each class ends with a lovely relaxation. Classes held on Monday evenings in St Neots and Tuesday evening in Sandy.

BABY YOGA - A lovely activity for you and your baby that helps to develop your baby's neural development, sensory motor skills, balance and co-ordination. It is also wonderful for soothing babies and can help with sleep, wind and colic. Each week you will learn a series of baby yoga moves that are fun to do with lovely songs to entertain and stimulate your baby. The classes also include gentle postnatal stretches for mothers, plus there is a lovely relaxation phase for Mums at the end. Classes are held on Tuesdays in St Neots and Biggleswade on Wednesdays.

TODDLER YOGA - Specially designed classes which are great fun and include a mixture of yoga-based movements and stretches for Toddlers and Parents with singing and time at the end of each class for parents to chat and have refreshments whilst the children explore a treasure basket. Toddler Yoga will help your child have the vital activity and exercise they need, boost fine motor skills, encourage better listening and communication skills, which all leads to increased self expression, higher self esteem, better sleep and fewer tantrums! Classes are held on Thursday mornings in St Neots.


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