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Uyen Yoga

Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 8HE
Phone: 07484325685
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My name is Uyên Vū (pronounced Wee-en) and I am Vietnamese and I have lived in Ascot since coming back to UK in 2015. I have been learning and practicing different types of yoga over the last 12 years including Tantra, Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Hatha. I love practicing and teaching yoga. I also love meditation and mindfulness, mainly inspired by the world famous Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Like everybody, I understand that learning is a lifelong journey and I am still “travelling” and enjoying my “travels”. By giving the best that I can in all my yoga classes, my wish is to get us away from some of our wandering thoughts and, instead, to create some quiet space inside us to bring more energy and peace back to us.

I am teaching yoga classes for beginners at our peaceful home in North Ascot - 50A Fernbank Road, Ascot, SL5 8HE, and for mixed abilities in South Ascot.

Come and enjoy!!!! Uyen xxx

Class style & structure

  • Hatha yoga with comfortable and controlled asanas (poses), suitable for all levels.
  • Class designed to be engaging and friendly in a relaxed atmosphere and with clear, simple explanation.
  • The last 15 minutes will include some short peaceful meditation with a singing bowl which you’ll love!


4 Reviews/Comments on "Uyen Yoga"

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Zoe Mills
Rating :

I am very unfit and heavy overweight and I had my first beginners class with Uyen yesterday. She was so lovely and supportive and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I feel more knowledgeable to why and how to do some of the positions and look forward to next week.

Clare And Martin Bitmead
Clare And Martin Bitmead
Rating :

I have enlisted Uyen for weekly private yoga and meditation practice for my husband and I at our home. We now look forward to Mondays! Uyen is a great teacher, her instructions are clear, she encourages us to work out the postures ourselves first but is very hands on in helping us get into the right pose if we struggle. She is very optimistic of our ability and brings the tranquility and mindfulness into our busy lives, that I think everybody needs a regular dose of . Namaste CB x

Rating :

Uyen is such a gentle person and a lovely teacher – her calm nature is very inspiring.. I am a complete beginner and Uyen is so encouraging. She explains every pose in detail and how it benefits the body. She is very hands on and ensures that you are getting the most out of your body with each movement. I am new to her classes but really enjoying them and would definitely recommend them.

Rating :
I attended my first class with Uyen, a beginners class, last week. It was a really small class of 5 people, which I found really helpful, as Uyen was able to correct any errors I had made with posture etc. I did find the class challenging, but not beyond what I was capable of, and Uyen was on hand to assist. I liked that I felt a little pushed out of my comfort zone! Uyen is lovely and explains and demonstrates the poses clearly. I really enjoyed the session, and definitley felt the benefit of the class that night, and… Read more »

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