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Yoga with Eva

  • 8 Bridge Street, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire MK18 1EL.

About Yoga with Eva

Mindful movement to increase your sense of wellbeing. Improve strength, flexibility and posture, feel calmer.

When you step onto your yoga mat, you’re taking time to pay attention to your body and to show yourself compassion. A regular yoga practice will deepen your understanding of how you use your body, of where you are weak or strong, tight or flexible, and of how your physical and emotional states are inextricably intertwined. Over time, you’ll learn how to use your body in a more helpful way, how to calm down, and how to be more mindful in your day-to-day life.

Sometimes the practice is slow, deep and restorative. Sometimes we flow from one pose to the next, heating the body. Sometimes we are playful, other times more inwards focused. The aim is to really enjoy your practice, to deepen your self understanding, and to give yourself some valuable down time.

I aim to make my classes accessible to a varying level of ability and welcome beginners. Classes are informal and friendly.

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