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ekam yoga studio

Camborne, Cornwall, TR14 8AH
Phone: 0781327527
Website Address: www.ekamstudio.co.uk
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Opened September 2018, ekam Yoga is a space where everybody is welcome to come and absorb the benefits of yoga & meditation in a friendly, sociable and nurturing environment. A community is defined as a group of people interacting in the same location and ekam Yoga will be an integral part of this community.
In Advaita philosophy ekam describes and promotes the idea that there is only one reality and truth, Brahman. Everything else is of a transient nature. Brahman is formless, indivisible and beyond the reach of the 5 senses. This philosophy’s teachings show that this world is transient and impermanent.
Yoga doesn’t judge. Yoga isn’t a form of religion. You don’t need your own mat, own 10 pairs of leggings, be between ages 18-35 or have any background knowledge to come to a yoga class.
Yoga is for everyone. It literally means ‘union’. Yoga is naturally inside each and every one of us.
One of the many beauties of the physical practice of yoga is that the postures are designed to support and sustain you, no matter how old or young, inflexible or supple you are. Fit or frail, you can safely come to your mat. Your mat is where you nurture your whole being!
In yoga we practice asanas (Sanskrit for ‘postures’). Every asana has its benefits, whether it is the Cat Stretch that strengthens your spine, or the Wind-Relieving Pose (you can guess what that one does) there’s a perfect potion for every pose.
As you progress in your practice of yoga, your understanding of the asanas becomes more sophisticated. Through developing a regular practice you will instinctively move from working on the external alignment to focusing on what is going on internally (in the mind, mostly) to eventually simply ‘being’ in the asana.
Put simply, the breath, body and the mind become intimate friends.
At ekam we’re firm believers that building a sustainable relationship with your self is the foundation of everything. Yoga can come in many different forms; and we want to help uncover what it means for you.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday - Saturday 9am - 9pm

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Location/Directions Info: follow us on social media - Facebook & instagram

Free parking after 5:30pm on the highstreet, or the side streets free are & some of the local carparks are free after 4:30pm (please check all parking signs)


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