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The Health Architect

  • Eaglesfield, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 0RN.

About The Health Architect

I just love to move; music makes me want to dance, mountains make me want to climb and rolling out my mat makes me want to flow with my breath.
Yoga has definitely helped me as an active person, especially as a climber, but it has become so much more than just physical support, it has become a way of life and has played a part in shaping my personal philosophies.
Moving with breath awareness calms our nervous system and brings both physical and mental steadiness. But, over time, the more we breathe, the more we feel; we find a deeper connection with our inner world and this then helps us to connect more deeply with the world around us.
I first became captivated by Ashtanga; I appreciated the headspace that comes from a powerful, challenging practise and I respected the discipline. But my journey since training to teach Ashtanga has led me towards more creative movement and sequencing that speak to both body and emotional intelligence.
By happy accident I met Simon Park a few years ago at the Chamonix Yoga Festival and learning from him has brought the greatest change to my own practice and the way I teach. I fell in love with his fluid wave sequencing and I’ve been inspired by his poetic approach to practice.
My classes are carefully curated - offering soulful experiences that help us reconnect with our inner-most self. There is challenge, and humour, and “backchat” too but amongst all this you’ll find sincere teaching and you can always be assured of a warm welcome.

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