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Soul Space – yoga, meditation and healing

  • Victoria Hall, Grange Over Sands, LA11 6DX.

About Soul Space – yoga, meditation and healing

Soul Space yoga, meditation and healing encompasses a range of unique multi-sensory experiences which draws on influences from ancient healing practices, modern approaches and nature, creating a bespoke, harmonious and immersive yoga and wellness experience.

Soul Space yoga combines Hatha yoga, breath work, sensory experiences and colour techniques, with bespoke natural scents lovingly crafted by a qualified aromatherapist to create an immersive multi-sensory experience combing colour and corresponding essential oils.

Based in a dedicated small but perfectly formed eco-friendly studio in the heart of the seaside town of Grange over Sands. The studio even has a sea view!

There are a variety of classes suitable for all levels, including:'
'Morning' - breathe, stretch and prepare your soul for the day ahead
'Relax' - evening classes that are slow, Yin/restorative elements with longer Nidra style relaxation and meditation
'Chakra' - using colour techniques with a focus on breath work, madras, visualisations and asanas to balance to your chakras

Soul Space offer a unique yoga experience through small and intimate classes, with a maximum of 5 students, which allows you to explore your body, mind, soul journey through connection with your mat and building relationships with your fellow yogis in a safe and nurturing space.

There is much scientific research that highlights the effect light frequencies can have on our body and mind. We know that blue light from technology and screens can impact our wellbeing and can suppress melatonin and our circadian rhythms, which can lead to a variety of health issues including anxiety and insomnia.

Chakra and colour yoga can help relieve the imbalance created by daily life and restore a sense of wellbeing. In a colour yoga class you will be bathed in a specific colour of light, using up to date lighting technology, which is linked to the healing properties of that colour and chakra. For example a class may focus on the colour of a specific chakra, or a colour linked to the current season and nature, or a bespoke colour need tailored to the individual or the specific class. A colour yoga class will blend yoga poses, breath work, visualisation and chakra work to bring a sense of balance, wellness and relaxation.

Soul Space yoga is suitable for all ability levels, it is not about fitness, flexibility, fashion. Soul Space is all about thoughtful, slow asanas, breath work, visualisation and soul connection in order to empower your wellness, self care and your own yoga journey.

Any colour and lighting is non-invasive, safe and environmentally friendly. All scents used are environmentally friendly and vegan.
If you are unwell or have any health issues that you feel may affect or limit your yoga please bear this in mind whilst practicing. Yoga is a personal practice and you take full responsibility for knowing your own limits and health.


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