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Innominate Yoga

  • Kendal, Kendal, Cumbria LA9.

About Innominate Yoga

A Yoga posture and movement practice with emphasis on yoga for enhancing day to day life and living.

Human bodies are not uniform, nor are our personal psychological histories, therefore, the yoga ‘posture’ is a framework for exploration and increased understanding and does not have to be an end in itself. The movement and engagement with the body has the potential to become a meditative experience. This attentive engagement gives space for calmness, quietude and relaxation to happen on the yoga mat. This practice can also enhance flexibility, mobility and strength.

The styles listed on this page plus other body/mind methods of moving and being indicate the influences of my approach to teaching and sharing yoga, though I adhere to no particular method. I draw from what I know, believe, see, feel and sense working for our betterment and understanding, as well as from further personal ongoing training and education within these fields, and in life learning. Any approach to teaching is fluid and changeable as new information and methodology is assimilated and updated. I remain, always, a student.

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