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Mindful Yoga Class in Kendal

Kendal, Cumbria, LA96NX
Website Address: https://nesbearyoga.com/
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Nes Bear shares a yoga practice which helps to reintegrate body, breath and mind. to develop strength and ease in the body and relieve stress and tension.

What makes this yoga practice different from going to the gym or a fitness class is that the movements are intended to encompass more than physicality. The class will help to increase strength and flexibility — but done in a way that also encourages useful patterns of thought and behaviour. Without struggling or straining or striving. Instead body and breath will be calm, balanced and measured without self-judgement.

The class will help you to attain daily body and mind function with the breath as our guide- to help you be able to safely and easily tie your shoes, pick up your child, reach the jar on the high shelf, to get up and down from the floor easily, to stay calm and focused under stress. A practice that incorporates various natural movements, yogic mindfulness and breathing exercises will prepare you to be able whenever you need it — at home, at work, on the road or in an emergency.

All classes end with a relaxation. Poses, movements and sequences will be given with variations depending on what suits your body and mind that day. All poses and sequences will be done with the breath as guide in order to support the spine and promote relaxation.

All abilities and bodies welcome


Block booking prices are a bit like tickets, if you buy 5 that is like 5 tickets to come to 5 classes of your choice in that term.

16 classes £124
13 classes £104
10 classes £80
7 classes £59.50
6 classes £51
4 classes £34

Drop-in £9 (please still email to confirm attendance)

There is also concession rate of £8 per class (pay as you go) for people on JSA, ESA, Universal Credit and those receiving tax credits and/or a basic state pension. This also applies if you don't fit into any of those brackets but your financial circumstances would prevent you from attending.

Feel free to bring your own mat and blocks if you have them. Please bring a blanket and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Please email me at info@nesbearyoga.com for my bank details or for more information.

It would be so helpful if you could share this information wherever you feel its relevant.

Please also complete the following form before attending the class so that I can ensure your needs are met as best as possible: www.nesbearyoga.com/form


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