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Sacral Yoga at iAMi Retreat Centre in Peacehaven now in a new amazing sunshala

Peacehaven, East Sussex, BN10 8AA
Phone: 07824317138
5 based on 12 review(s).

We are Michael and Helena. Here in Peacehaven, UK about six miles from Brighton, we have created a beautiful timeless space where you can energise and regenerate as well as increase your suppleness and strength through Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Soundbath, posture training and Self-study. iAMi retreat brings together Vajrasati Yoga blending Iyengar and Scariavelli, Thai Massage and Bothmer practices, creating a unique space from which you will return feeling more upright, calm yet full of energy. We believe that there are subtle bodies beyond the mere physical body. When we heal our subtle bodies this creates a space in which the physical body naturally lets go of imprints and conditionings. With loving kindness we look at ourselves and our conditioned responses to heal the underlying causes of trauma on a psychological and physical level. The Yoga approach we offer is novel yet authentic in that we make use of many different practices that help us reconnect with our true nature and undo habits that don't serve us. In this way we apply many of the philosophical principles of Yoga within the physical practice. Truthfulness, Non-violence, Non-grasping and Self Study to name but a few. We offer a yoga of self-exploration, supported by deep and coordinated breathing. iAMi offers a hands on yoga session with the aim of improving your intuition, flow in postures whilst reconnecting with your true self. All you need to bring is time! Classes are held in a beautiful light space benefiting from underfloor heating. iAMi Retreat Centre is an oasis of peace in north Peacehaven, backing onto the tranquil landscape of the South Downs. Classes are limited to 10 participants so book in a advance to secure your space.

Occasionally we also run childrens residential and day retreats. Here therapeutic Games, active Games, Yoga, Meditation, Chanting, Mindfulness, Gardening, Cooking, Household Chores (Washing up, Walking our dog Bernie, Tidying the Yoga space), Sensory Games, Meditative Walking, Slacklining and 5 rhythm dancing are carefully weaved into a program that unplugs children playfully away from internet and phone addiction. Satisfying, wholesome activities instead of computer games is the ethos we bring.


About Helena

Helena is passionate about the body, its wisdom and grace. Originally trained as a sports teacher/scientist at German Sport University in Cologne. Her love of yoga led her to study at Vivekananda Yoga University in Bangalore and later to qualify as a Vajrasati Yoga teacher in Brighton https://www.vajrasatiyoga.co.uk/ in 2011. She is now studying Bothmer therapy after graduating in a 4 year Bothmer gymnastics course https://theschoolofhumanmovement.org/

Her unique teaching style combines yoga asana, Pranayama, Bothmer Therapy, yoga Philosophy, Thai and Sports massage and Bothmer awareness techniques.

About Michael

Michael has recently finished his 300 hours teacher training with Vijay Gopala in Mysore. The Kriya yoga he teaches is yoga in it's original form - a discovery of the union of the true self through effortless action. If you would like to go deeper into discovering your true nature through asana, self inquiry, pranayama and the study of texts then these slightly more intensive classes may be for you. Taking what you learn here back into you daily practice. A deepening understanding of the true essence of yoga (or union). Michael has also built everything he was able to build himself at our retreat centre. From landscaping to converting a shed, laying floors, painting a mural, building a pond and decorating the spaces we do Yoga in. Everything is made with love.
Michael is committed to challenging you to discover what and who you really are through meditation and self inquiry. He is a dedicated student of the fourth way of G.I Gurdjieff and other non dual teachings as well as being a fully qualified shamanic practitioner and Reiki Master.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Yoga sessions are
Monday 5.30pm - 7.15pm
Wednesday 9.30am - 11.15am
Sunday: 4.30pm - 6.30pm
New on Thursdays Tri Kriya Yoga 6.30pm-8.30pm with Michael

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Please contact 07824317138 for directions and bookings. Please reserve a space. Come for a free taster session with the password: Yogahub


12 Reviews/Comments on "Sacral Yoga at iAMi Retreat Centre in Peacehaven now in a new amazing sunshala"

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Diane Clark
Rating :
I have been attending this yoga class in Peacehaven for the last year or so and it is like no other yoga class that I have ever attended. The venue is serene and you have a feeling that you have been transported to another land and that’s before you even reach the yoga studio! The yoga studio is bespoke with underfloor heating and all the yoga equipment you could ever imagine. Helen,a the yoga teacher is a very aware person who has been working on her own personal development for many years and is very knowledgeable about yoga. She is… Read more »
Rating :

One of the best yoga studios I have ever attented – so much so that I try to go a minimum of 2 x per week – 3 if at all possible. Amazing teaching and I swear that Helena has healing hands! Fully recommended.

Rating :

Lovely, tranquil space on the edge of the Downs. Helena is a wonderful, generous and knowledgeable teacher. You are in great hands!

Sue Fuller
Rating :

I love this class. Helena is a great teacher with lots of experience and is kind and compassionate with her students. I find it easy to attend regularly as l both enjoy the class and can feel the benefits. The yoga studio is very well equipped and the location is lovely.

Sarah Doyle
Rating :

An amazing experience! There are classes local to me and I have tried a couple, its almost a half hour drive to get to this studio but so worth it. Helena is a fantastic teacher and is so generous with her time, the studio is in a beautiful location and extremely well equipped. I agree I think she has healing hands too 🙂

Linda McKellar
Rating :

I have been attending Helena’s classes for a few months now, and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who is considering yoga. She caters for all levels and is totally hands on – she makes sure that your body is in the correct position and pose, and she has a lot of equipment to help you. The classes are quite challenging but fun. There is a relaxation session to end the class, which is wonderful. She really knows her stuff. Recommended.

Rating :

Excellent class, beautiful location!

Rating :

Yoga with Helena is an absolute pleasure, she is always very supportive and the location is wonderful.

Helen Furlong
Rating :

Helena did the best yoga teacher I have ever experienced. She has a relaxed calm manor which means the classes accommodate everyone’s needs are really enjoyable and beneficial. My posture & flexibility are much improved as a direct result of the work done with both Helena & Michael.

Rating :

Micheal and Helena have in recent months moved their yoga classes from the yoga hut to their brand new conservatory, adjacent to their house. The new space is light and airy with beautiful images of deities, Crystal’s and an array of plants, which is conducive for spiritual growth and restful meditation. There is plenty of space for yoga Asanas and Bothmer exercises. Plus incredible views of the sky and surrounding land. A wonderful place to learn and practice yoga!

amane alturk
Rating :

Helena is the most sensitive gentle kind and patient yoga teacher I have come across. She is knowledgeable and her passion and compassion for what she does permeate through every class she takes. I love her classes and would highly recommend at any level of yoga practice

amane alturk
Rating :

Eleanor is the most sensitive, gentle and patient teacher of yoga but I have had. Her compassion and passion for what she does permeate through every class. I would highly recommend her classes at any level of yoga Ability

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