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Peacehaven, East Sussex, BN10 8AA
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We all know that "yoga" has deep spiritual roots but how does that really relate to Western postural yoga?
It's a minefield out there of countless teachers and styles.
Tri Kriya Yoga is not a style or dogma but our meetings are an attempt to get to the core of traditional Indian yoga from a modern Western mindset.
In order to find our true selves, the self that we are at our fullest potential, it helps to work on three levels of our being - mind, emotion and body. As Ken Wilber puts it - we need to Wake up, Clean up and Grow up! Adyashanti calls it waking up at the level of Head, Heart and Gut..
Join Michael as we work with all three aspects of our being though Pranyama, Meditation and Asana (postural yoga). There will also be an introduction to the kriyas and ample opportunity to develop a regular practice that suits you on an individual level.

Tri - Kriya for all: Thursdays 6.30pm - 8.30pm.

Donations are welcome.


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