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Fittleworth, West Sussex, RH20 1JB
Jevington, East Sussex, BN26 5QE
Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 2BF
East Sussex, BN26 5QE
Phone: 07729686777
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I am a yoga teacher based in Jevington, East Sussex. I teach in the characterful, downland village of Jevington and in Pulborough, at Pulborough Village Hall, West Sussex.

A little bit about my style of teaching.......

I have over 20 years yoga experience. In that time, I have studied lots of different styles and have picked (what I think are) the best bits….

For me, yoga is about ownership and responsibility; mindfulness, acceptance and kindness.

It is about moving in a way that is helpful; being able to tune into your own body and mind and do what is right for you at that particular moment.

As a teacher my aim is to help people do just that. So that my students are empowered to listen to their bodies and move accordingly. Brilliantly, if we approach yoga properly, it is necessarily non-competitive. It just doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing or can do. We are all different so what we need to do will be different. Only you know what you are feeling and what feels ok and what doesn’t.

Mostly, people seem to think yoga is about flexibility, it is a bit I guess, but it’s so much more besides. It’s about giving yourself space, in mind and body. It’s about building strength and functional range of movement. It’s about excepting your body’s limits and working with kindness so that progression is steady and safe and useful. It is about working with the body’s nervous system responses and finding an easy path back to relaxation. Yoga encourages you to be present which decreases anxiety and stress.

All of these things help us to function better. They can translate into the real world so that we can remain calm, think clearly, improve decision making, be more efficient, sit & move comfortably, build positive relationships and frankly be more content.

Yoga is a way of life.

So, back to my teaching…..

I like movement that flows with the breath. I teach progressive movements so there is something for everyone and so students learn that it’s ok to stop. My classes are fun. We laugh. Imagination is encouraged. I like questions.

I work through the body so over the course of a few weeks we look at everything from backs and hips to fingers and toes. We have 360 joints in our bodies, they all need to move and they all need to be strong.

I look at what is going on for people and run my classes accordingly. So, if someone comes in with a shoulder issue and that’s appropriate for the rest of the class, we will look at shoulders.

Ultimately, I like to structure sequences that encourage a smooth transition through poses. The aim is to create an easy flowing rhythmic series of movements which stretch, heal, cleanse and give us space – in the body and in the mind. The breath plays a key role in this…..

Students are encouraged to develop an understanding and awareness of their own bodies. We work with strength, range of movement, flexibility and core stability, all to a backdrop of the breath. We look at how the body works & stress individual sensitivity, so people are directed towards a safe and fulfilling yoga practice.

My own practice is a mix these days. For years, it was Ashtanga but eventually my body needed a more considered approach with a variety of poses that could accommodate the change that comes with age and injury. I like my practice to flow, so I play. I pick postures and movements that feel right for that moment and still maintain a nice rhythm. Recently, I have studied with Cecily @yogadetour and Kathryn Bruni-young @mindfulness strength. I bring all these experiences and awareness to my teaching. Introducing practices to increase strength and functional range of movement. So that what you will learn will translate to what you need to do; day to day.

Identifying areas of weakness and targeting them so that you stay mobile and strong.

I teach a range of classes from beginner’s up. I specialize in addressing specific problems and offer a safe, welcoming and jolly class environment…

Opening Times

Opening Times: JEVINGTON
Monday evenings 6-7pm - beginner's/gentle
7.15-8.30pm - intermediate
Tuesday mornings 9.45-10.45am - beginner's/gentle
11am-12pm - beginner's/gentle
Tuesday evenings 7-8pm - gentle

Pulborough Village Hall
Wednesday evenings - 7-8.30pm - intermediate

Fittleworth - workshops

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Fittleworth Village Hall
West Sussex. RH20 1JB

Jevington Village Hall
East Sussex. BN26 5QE

Pulborough village Hall
Meadows Hall
Swan View
Lower Street
RH20 2BF


13 Reviews/Comments on "WildYogis"

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Beth Houlden
Rating :

I haven’t done any yoga for a few years so I was very happy to find Jo’s class. I love it; Jo makes sure you are doing the positions correctly and you can go at your own pace.
It is a very friendly class.
My husband really enjoys it too , especially the relaxation at the end, in which he invariably falls to sleep.

pippa cross
Rating :

Jo has been teaching a group of 4 of us (50s to early 70s) for over a year now and we love it. With her well selected and wonderfully delivered sessions we are all on our way to being transformed – well almost! The classes are informative and fun, great for strength, flexibility and breathing – with individual attention to personal weaknesses, aches and pains. Thoroughly recommended!

John Maidens
Rating :

Jo has been teaching us yoga every week for over a year now. Jo is an absolutely brilliant teacher and very patient and helpful if one member of our small group is struggling with a certain position. I look forward to each session as I always feel really good, relaxed and calm.

Emma Hunnisett
Rating :

Jo is an amazing yoga teacher. Her classes are really fun, friendly and completely tailored to individual needs and ability. I thoroughly look forward to my weekly class and would go every day if I could! I can’t recommend highly enough.

Shirley Williams
Rating :

I love Jo’s yoga classes. She’s a wonderful teacher and her classes are not only great for the body, but the mind too. You can go at your own pace, everything is very well explained and if you have any particular issues, Jo will address these individually. Look forward to the class every week, I’m always glad I went. Runs some amazing workshops too!

Julie Canning
Rating :

Julie from Wannock
Jo has a unique and special style of teaching. She is warm, calm, funny, friendly and welcoming, all attributes of a great teacher. Jo is “hands-on” to your individual needs, and always ensures you are doing yoga correctly, thus avoiding any injuries. I love her classes, they are fun and feed the mind, body and soul.. Thank you Jo. x

Brian, Sandra Watts
Rating :

Jo is an absolute diamond ,great Yoga teacher ,has time for everyone cannot praise her enough .thanks joe.

Charlotte Matthews
Rating :

Jo is a lovely and caring teacher who is continually exploring yoga herself so she can pass on the very best practice to us through her classes. I’m feeling the benefits. Highly recommended!

Rating :

I’ve been attending Jo’s Jevington class for several months now and thoroughly enjoy the sessions – they’re an oasis in the week! She is so thorough and informative, friendly and helpful and always has time to answer any questions. I feel I am learning a lot more about my own body.

Sue Churchman
Rating :

I have been attending Jo’s yoga classes for over two years now along with my husband. She is a sympathetic teacher and her classes are always fun. Neither of us had done any yoga before and she has encouraged us to explore our ability. She always takes the time to explain the theory behind the moves and gives fresh insights.

Cathy Herbert
Rating :
I found Jo on Yogahub 4 months ago and what a perfect match for what I was looking for! I have several long-term conditions and post surgical complications that had left my body very stiff and seized-up. Jo was extremely responsive to my initial enquiry and following a chat about my requirements I was totally reassured that joining a gentle class was right for me. It’s the first time I’ve ever been able to maintain my commitment to any kind of physical practice. Jo is a fantastic teacher, and supports all of us to get the most from the class… Read more »
Alex Mountain
Rating :

Fantastic workshop about tackling the Fight or Flight response mixed in with some awesome yoga and quality snacks! Will definitely be attending again in future 😊

Rating :

Recently attended Jo’s workshop Fight, Flight or Freeze – Brilliant as usual! Jo is a great teacher. I never knew there are so many amazing things happening in my body ! Thoroughly enjoyed the theory and the great yoga session and not forgetting the exceptional quality snacks!

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