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Mai Ram Yoga UK

Mai Ram Yoga UK

  • Maple Close, Brentwood, Essex CM13 2EA.

About Mai Ram Yoga UK

Mai Ram Yoga is a classical yoga integrated by Guru Mai Ram for a present-day human to foster self-knowledge.

The purpose of Mai Ram Yoga is to mature and expand practitioner’s inner consciousness, transcending the limitations created by the mind and body. Continuous development of self-knowledge through the inner will and awareness leads toward this purpose, until finally consciousness rises above the physical and mental level. Such path of self-knowledge is the main purpose of the integrated Mai Ram Yoga teaching.

Mai Ram Yoga Open

Mai Ram Yoga Open (introductory yoga) – a practical methodology for all people who want to start practicing yoga. This unique methodology is distinguished in that it is easy to understand and available to everyone. The practice consists of five short asana and pranayama lessons, which introduce Mai Ram Yoga system and methodology. When a person practices Mai Ram Yoga Open, he/she learns to perform asanas and their sequences correctly, a person feels powerful effect, which leads to further progress and development.

Mai Ram Yoga Basic

Mai Ram Yoga Basic practices are intended for learning concentration, control and observation of the self and control of functions of body and mind. These practices help the human to adapt to changes occurring in life. They promote personal growth and maturity, develop the acceptance of the world and help to form a correct approach towards the self and the existing situation.

Yoga Styles

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