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Taraka/Hatha Yoga

West Hampstead, Greater London (Camden), NW2 3LX
Phone: +447908919251
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Yoga to me is a way of being, it’s our most intimate connection with ourselves, it brought significance and purpose to my life. It taught me the importance of being grateful for everything life presents, without judgement of good or bad, as everything is part of the same conscious manifestation.

My journey started 10 years ago. A recommendation from my therapist after going through a period in my life of depression and panic attacks. Shortly after starting my practice, I realised my anxiety returned every time I stopped. In an attempt to better understand what was happening, I went to a Yoga retreat, but little did I know, that to understand the connection between body and mind, meant to understand life and all its forms and dimensions! To truly reflect on my beliefs, attitudes, relationships, emotions, desires and all aspects of life.

Through these seven years, an inner calling brought me to India, where I experienced an intense retreat of self-reflection over a course of two weeks. During this time, I was suggested to spend 14 days isolated in my room practising self-reflection, contemplation and meditation. This enlightening but tough period of isolation and much self-doubt, made me realise that self-acceptance is a principle towards a happier life.

Following this wonderful experience in India new doors were once again opened, bringing me to London, where I am currently taking a masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, giving me the delighted possibility of combining my passions of Yoga and Psychology.

For the last 8 years, I have spent studying Táraka Yoga, reaching over 500h of training at Unishankara University. Through my classes, I offer a safe and non-judgmental space where I combine my experience of yoga techniques, philosophy, neuroscience and psychology with the focus of empowerment and emotions.


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