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Annabel Jones Yoga


  • 36 Pascoe Road, London, City of London SE13 5JB.

About Miss

Yoga for me is about connecting back to my natural state of happiness. When I feel strong and free in my body I move with lightness and a trust in myself. Being aware of the connection between my body, mind, sensations, energy and emotions and knowing that my breath is the link between these, continues to bring me into the present moment and reopens my eyes to the magical nature of the universe and to my place in the world. That is when I feel truly alive.

This awareness, of first the body and the breath and sensations, moving deeper into energies and emotions is what I aim to guide my clients towards.

When I work with you

I teach my clients to move slowly through the postures, observing their body with their breath so they can observe what is happening for them, to feel where they need strength and to feel where they need softness, so every posture is a pleasure even when moving deeply into challenging poses. In this way the whole practice becomes a liberating, moving meditation and there is very little chance of injury.

I like to include breathing practices (pranayama), as these are powerful tools to bring your mind and your energy to stillness in preparation for meditation. Each session will always include a meditation or relaxation.

Working privately means that I am able to get to know you and your body. I pace the practice for your energy level that day. We can discuss what you are looking to gain from your yoga practice and how we can implement changes to bring balance into your life.

I meet you where you are, physically, mentally and spiritually so that I can work with you at a pace and with a language that resonates with you. I am as happy to stretch hamstrings as I am to talk philosophy.

“Annabel is an extraordinary instructor. She is exceptionally knowledgable about all aspects of yoga, the physical, mental and spiritual all play an important part in her lessons. She is intuitive in her approach and every class is formulated as a thoughtful, bespoke session to meet my specific needs at that time.”

Lia Larson, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs.

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