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Helen Georghiou – Mindfulness Yoga, Pregnancy and Postnatal

  • Bush Road, Leytonstone, Waltham Forest E11 3AU.

About Helen Georghiou – Mindfulness Yoga, Pregnancy and Postnatal

Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Class

Mindfulness is defined as the capacity of intentionally bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment. It can be defined as the ability to observe things as they are: without choosing, without comparing and judging, without evaluating and without subtracting from or adding anything to what is happening.

In my yoga class, I invite my students to focus on their breathing throughout their practice and to use that breath as their anchor when the mind starts wandering off. I remind them again and again, to ensure that they are staying in the present moment, listening to their bodies and paying attention to what is happening on their mat.

I like to change my practice each week so students are able to experience a variety of different postures and sequences and don’t get used to doing the same old thing. I believe it’s important to challenge my students and encourage them to discover new boundaries. However, equally important is good alignment and each student works to their own ability. My voice is just a guide.

The majority of postures in yoga can be adapted to an individual’s needs, so don’t be put off if you are new to yoga or are working with an injury. There are always ways round the issue.

I always like to end the class with a seated meditation practice – a time to sit in stillness and silence, observing whatever arises.

Pregnancy Yoga Class

Yoga has been proven to be very beneficial to women during pregnancy, labour and beyond, creating a feeling of well-being and confidence in body and mind.

Pregnancy yoga can teach expectant mothers to trust her body and learn to let go of her fears and guide her towards a happy and healthy pregnancy and labour. When a woman learns to slow down her mind and tune into her body she is better equipped to make the right decisions during childbirth.

What I try and convey to my pregnant women:
• To strengthen her body
• To soften her body
• To be confident in her own body
• To become more sensitive to her body, mind and heart
• To make clear and educated decisions
• To trust her body
• To be in control of letting go
• To look forward to giving birth
• To understand it’s not about natural birthing, it’s about conscious birthing

Post Natal/Baby Yoga Class

For mums and their new babies – from 6 weeks-12 months.
It’s a class for mums to get back into shape, focusing a lot on problem areas like tense neck & shoulders and strengthening the core, working the pelvic floor muscles and abdominals.
Singing songs with the babies.
It’s a fun class and a great opportunity to meet new mums.

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