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Holistic Yoga with Julia Moore

Crouch End, Greater London (Haringey), N8 8DT
Phone: 07800 959 543
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Holistic Yoga is a practice incorporating the ethical precepts, physical exercise, breath awareness, self reflection and meditation from classical yoga, in a way that is relevant, safe, accessible and enjoyable. Whilst many classes focus mostly on the physical aspect of yoga - asana - Holistic Yoga brings light accessible touches of the broader aspects of yoga philosophy, introspection and meditation, creating deeper changes in the mind and psyche.

Yoga’s popularity is due to the fact that it offers the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern living. Regular practice helps to clear energy channels (called nadis, similar to acupuncture meridians) so that our vital energy (known as prana, similar to chi) can flow more freely. The effect of this is that we feel more vital and alive, with a steadier, more relaxed outlook. Niggling stress related problems such as back aches, headaches and sleeping difficulties often simply cease to be. Often within as little as six weeks you will find that you are more able to deal with life’s stresses and strains from a steadier, calmer centre.

Holistic Yoga is similar to hatha yoga, in a therapeutic and detailed style, tailored to the needs of the individual. I have an eclectic approach to teaching yoga which incorporates ideas from both traditional (mostly tantric style) and modern approaches to yoga as well as insights from other movement practices (Pilates, Alexander Technique, Physical Therapy, Tai Chi and others). My main inspiration and guidance is Vanda Scaravelli’s work as taught to me by my teacher, Sophy Hoare. I have completed many and various trainings in yoga teaching, yoga therapy and meditation. My training in yoga in the widest sense is ongoing and a constant source of inspiration. I am also fascinated by Ayurveda and Chinese five element theory, and will often use concepts from these ancient traditions in the classes and workshops.

I prefer to teach holistic yoga one to one or in small groups. In this way, proper attention is paid to correct alignment ensuring a safe, enjoyable and supportive practice suitable for beginners and new students to more experienced students.

 Yoga is a vast discipline encompassing many paths towards wholeness. As such, there is a way for everyone to practice yoga regardless of age, health concerns, mobility, flexibility, religious or spiritual belief. I like to teach people of differing levels in the same class, as it is my belief that we can all learn from each other.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Weekdays during school hours 9am - 3pm
Evenings available (Mon - Wed)
Group classes: Monday and Thursday 1:30 - 3pm; Saturday 10:15 - 11:45am

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: I teach classes at the Haelan Centre in Crouch End or at your own home in Crouch End, Muswell HIll, Highgate, Stroud Green and Highgate. Local Private classes start from as little as £40. I do travel further afield, see website for details.


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Julia’s classes are well paced and always leave me feeling totally revitalised and relaxed. The small classes have an intimate atmosphere and give Julia plenty of time to work with individual needs.
My body always feels it if i miss a class!!

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