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The Quiet Way

  • Chorlton-cum-hardy, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

About The Quiet Way

Yin yoga combines the influences of mindfulness, Indian yogic practices, Chinese daoist principles with western science to improve our health on many levels. With its emphasis on floor based asana, mindful yin yoga increases flexibility in the back, hips and pelvis, mobilises and strengthens the joints and allows body and mind to drop into deeply nourishing relaxation.

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention, on purpose and without judgment, to what goes on in the present moment in your body, mind and your outside environment.  It involves intentionally stepping out of ‘automatic pilot’ to be present, aware and responsive. We learn how to observe the breath and use this as a way to focus on the present moment, allowing thoughts and feelings to arise and sitting with them, without getting “involved”, before letting them fade away.

In Daoist principles, ‘yin’ is about yielding, being, letting go. Much of our daily life is spent being in a ‘yang’ state, busy, striving, doing, achieving. We need a balance of both for a healthy life and this practice gives us the permission and space to slow down and experience our yin nature. With the forward bends in particular, the relaxation response is initiated leaving you feeling deeply relaxed.

Yin yoga practice encourages:

* lengthening of fascia and ligaments of the back, pelvis and hips
* improving range of movement in tight joints
* rehydrate the synovial fluids
* break down of  old scar tissue
* release toxins and waste products from tissue

Within a class, we start with a short meditation, pranayama (breathing exercise) or guided visualisation, practice a number of floor based asanas where we sink in for upto 5 minutes, ending in a final relaxation in savasana. Bolsters, blocks and other supportive accessories are used

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