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Babistic Baby Massage, Reflexology and Yoga

Timperley, Greater Manchester, WA15 6BH
Phone: 07799 032191
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Taught by an experienced baby massage/yoga instructor and Reflexologist Samantha Chater, Babistic Baby All in One course includes IAIM baby massage, baby yoga, baby reflexology as well as some lovely sensory activities.

This integrated course gives you so many skills which aren't just for the first year but can be used throughout your child's life.

Incorporated into the session are some rhymes and songs. There are also some suggestions on how you can adapt the moves/strokes as your child grows and there is time set aside for informal discussion for you to share ideas and experiences and chill with your baby. Classes are relaxed, fun and it's a great way to meet other parents.

If your child is sleeping then there are spare dolls to practise on, or just observe and take away to work on the moves at home.

•Relaxes both the mother and baby helping to decrease stress and anxiety
•Loving communication and enhances bonding
•Gaining a deeper understanding of your baby's behaviour, crying and body language
•Can help manage colic and release constipation and gas
•Can help boost baby's immune system
•Can lead to more restful sleep
•Techniques may help with teething and congestion
•Reflexology techniques can be used any where, any place, any time.
•1:1 focused time with your baby
•Physical activity and experience helps to develop pathways between the brain and the body that will support posture, balance and even the ability to control eye movements for the remainder of their lives.

The course is entirely baby led, so you do whatever it is to meet your baby's needs: feed, cuddle, change your baby. Don't worry about baby crying too. Crying is completely natural and one of baby's main communication tools. This is the one class where you don't need to worry about crying. We are all in it together!

My aim is to ensure all parents take away from my courses a positive experience where you feel empowered to help your little ones, enjoy that one-to-one time with your baby, give you some additional tools to do so and spread that loving nurturing touch.

There is 30 mins set aside afterwards for refreshments, feeding of baby and to socialise with others if you would like to stay around.


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