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Christiane Saar

  • Bethesda, Gwynedd LL57 3LX.

About Christiane Saar


Launch into something new this autumn: Enjoy the beauty of Dru Yoga flow and give your body and mind the space and joy to express itself, without having to stick to any set boundaries!

This set of three classes taught by teacher trainer Christiane Saar includes Dru sequence work combined with creative and freely expressed elements of movement within in. They are designed to give you something new, something that’s fun and quirky, allowing yourself and your emotions to be free, and something to explore that's unique to YOU.

Its aim is to leave you fresh, energised and invigorated yet with the depth of inner space and insight which Dru Yoga so effectively provides.

You will be able to work within the abilities of your own body all throughout the session.

Thurs, Oct 14, 21 & 28 7.00-8.00 pm
This class will be streamed live via ZOOM. Replays available.

For booking and more information: https://druyoga.com/uk/events/online-dru-yoga-class-14-10-21

Face-to-face sessions, one-to-ones and possible outdoor classes are available on special request.
Please email christiane@druworldwide.com if you're interested.

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