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Rebecca James Yoga

  • Laurel Farm, Lower Wield.

About Rebecca James Yoga

I teach yoga and mindfulness (MBSR).
My classes are breath-centred with a focus on self-awareness, health and wellbeing.
We always start with a few peaceful moments to tune in and notice how you are feeling so that you can adapt the class to your needs. After this we practice some breath work and you will learn lots of different ways you can use your breath on the yoga mat and in life to help yourself feel balanced, alert and calm. All of the yoga postures (asana) are optional and can be adapted to your needs on the day. The overall tone for the asana practice is gentle and we softly walk the line between self-transformation and self-acceptance in every pose remembering that "if you can breathe you can do yoga". I offer a space where you can let go of striving and relax into effortless being.
At the end of every class there is a quiet moment of stillness for guided relaxation or mindfulness.

Here are some testimonials:

I have been doing yoga for just over a year and absolutely love it. No matter how I’m feeling when the class starts, by the end I feel calm, relaxed, positive and always smiling. It has changed my life. I love the way you tailor the class to anyone’s problems and you’ve kept going throughout the pandemic, keeping me sane. - Julia 2021

Rebecca’s classes help me to slow down and pay attention to what I need. Rebecca really tunes into and helps with each individual’s focus. She gives permission to explore and moves away from striving to make shapes, instead guiding us safely to do what is best for us. Rebecca clearly knows what she’s talking about explaining the benefits of what we do and so I feel safe with her guidance. At the end of each class I have felt a positive difference in my body and mind. - Rachael 2021

The thing I really enjoy about Rebecca’s classes are they are entirely suited to the class on the day and therefore not predictable and not following the same format each time, Rebecca takes time at the beginning of each class to understand the needs of her clients, be it physical or more to do with wellbeing so its so much more of a holistic approach, the class is then designed to suit the varying needs. - Rowena 2019

What I love about your classes - they offer so much more than just yoga practice - each week I come away having heard your insightful words of wisdom about living an aware and present life. I always feel peaceful afterwards. - Mini 2020

I think the most important thing is probably the realisation through yoga of the importance of the connection between my body and mind. Something I think I have neglected or at least not been mindful of for many years. I like the way the class starts with taking the time to think where your body and mind are at in that moment. Do I feel tired, stressed, happy, sad? Nothing apart from your yoga has ever made me stop and think about that. The focus on breathing is wonderful and something I take with me most nights when I go to bed and I’m struggling to sleep. I love the emphasis you place on listening to your body and trying out what feels right and choices you give in what we do and how we do it. - Abi 2020


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