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Seven Stars QiGong Yoga and Tai Chi

  • 30 Fawcett Rd, Southsea, Portsmouth, Southsea PO4 0BZ, UK.

About Seven Stars QiGong Yoga and Tai Chi

In our beginners classes we love ordinary people who are not very flexible, not very fit, but willing to have a go; and don’t worry, we won’t ever make you stand on your head if you don’t want to!

We also offer more advanced classes.

Seven Stars QiGong Yoga

Seven Stars QiGong Yoga blends the most effective health practises of India and China together, forming an exercise system that energises and strengthens the body while calming the mind.

The movements and postures are not part of the modern gymnastic world that many styles of Yoga have become but part of a centuries old discipline focused on bringing the health of the body from the inside to the outside.

We place great emphasis on postural alignment, breathing techniques, physical relaxation and mental clarity.

Our system has proven itself over decades of teaching thousands of students to be effective in strengthening the muscles, protecting weakened joints, aiding sleep, reducing stress and maintaining spinal strength.

So what about the QiGong part? QiGong (Often written ‘Chi Gong or Chi Kung’) is a Chinese health exercise system that has been around for centuries that develops and stores the energy flow or ‘Chi’ within the 12 Chi channels in the body. This is the natural energy we all possess and an important part of your physical body. The most familiar QiGong style is Tai Chi, if you have an idea of what Tai Chi is then QiGong is a little bit like that, without having to learn a complicated routine.

Seven Stars teaches many forms of QiGong exercise and blends some of them with Yoga postures. It forms a very natural and harmonious way of moving and breathing that makes you feel great!

We do not run exclusive classes that only trim athletic people can attend, we run them for ordinary people. Have a think about it, you are as supple and as fit as you are now, right? Come to the class and we will improve whatever level you have. Everyone worries about being good at it or being no good at it, you have to look at how you define being good at something. Everyone is built differently and some people can be dangerously over flexible. This is not necessarily a good thing! We want you to enjoy the feeling of physical exercise, to get your thoughts out of your head and into your body. You will discover there is a lot more to it than being able to touch your toes.


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