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Adele Yoga

  • Cardinal Point, 1 Park Rd, Rickmansworth WD3 1RE, UK.

About Adele Yoga

have always felt there was something bigger, more meaningful to explore. I wandered into an Anusara class because it fitted my schedule and it blew me away. Since then I haven’t looked back, embracing each new experience open to me and opening myself up to new possibilities.

My life has completely changed since I started on this path and I offer special thanks to every soul who came along just when I needed them. I have completed over 400 hours of training (and counting!) with an incredible array of awe-inspiring teachers: Ross Rayburn, Bridget-Woods Kramer, Jayendra Hanley, Zhenja La Rosa… Every day is an adventure, to discover and rediscover. Life is a crazy adventure and the excitement is in living it in every moment. The list goes on!

When you walk into my class my intention is to help you see that they are an integral part of this amazing world and a vital piece of something big, extraordinary and amazing, part of something that you never knew existed and yet always knew was there and to make the feel even more you feel you more than you ever knew you could. Come and play!

I am a member of these fabulous, hardworking organisations: Independent Yoga Network, Yoga Alliance UK and Register of Exercise Professionals.



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Events by Adele

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