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Sadhak Anshit Yoga Classes

Clapham Hill, Kent, SW8 3JW
Phone: 7905371239
Website Address: https://sadhakanshit.com/
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Sadhak Anshit is a Certified Yoga teacher. He encountered the teaching while on the quest to heal himself from a near death experience  of a road accident. When Doctors told him that he would never walk again, he took matters into his own hands and found the healing powers of Ashtanga Yoga, meditation and Pranayama.  Today, Sadhak Anshit is one of the most recognized Yoga and Meditation teachers in India and spends most of his time teaching all over the World.

Sadhak Anshit Started the Sadhak Anshit Yoga Classes with to ensure that every person coming here should experience ones inner strength through yoga and meditation. This is a powerful place designed for one to explore the inner aspects and continue the journey through the four main paths of yoga - Knowledge (Gyan Yoga), Action (Karma Yoga), Energy (Kriya Yoga)  and Devotion (Bhakti Yoga).

His Vision

That all beings on earth receive health, food and peace. That every human being be able to create a healthy mind, body and emotions. That all creatures on earth ascend and evolve to higher consciousness. That all crops, vegetation, and fruits be abundant and rich in the life-force energies. That healthy and safe food be grown and consumed by one and all. That all the waters on earth be pure and rich. That rains be timely unto earth and it's inhabitants. That peace and tranquility prevail amongst all religions. That each one be tolerant and accept every religion, race and creed. That man be free from delusions and ignorance. That human beings achieve their very purpose of taking human births.

Sadhak Anshit's message to all humanity is  – “Humans have a lot of potential, just this potentiality has to be realized within….A man can do anything and meditation and yoga is the Key.”

Opening Times

Opening Times: 6;00AM TO 8;00PM

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Facing a bus stop on a shopping street, this relaxed hotel in a modern building is a 9-minute walk from picnics on Clapham Common and 2 miles from O2 Academy Brixton concert venue.


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Welcome to the World of Yoga

Shiva Satya
Rating :

Awesome Yoga Classes By Sadhak Anshit Ji

Rating :

Great Yoga Master

sofiya hayat
Rating :

Excellent spiritual classes by sadhak anshit ji

Kino Kent
Rating :

Nice Yoga Classes at Sadhak Anshit Yoga Classes, I’m loving it.

Rating :

Excellent Yoga classes by Sadhak Anshit Ji

Kino McHughoran
Rating :

Awesome Yoga Classes at Sadhak Anshit Yoga Classes

Nick Samson
Rating :

Awesome Yoga Session by Sadhak Anshit

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