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House of Leyla

Gravesend, Kent, DA11 0HW
Phone: 07854026574
Website Address: www.houseofleyla.com
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Having studied psychology and psychotherapy at university she has experience of delving into the mind and observing patterns and disturbances.

Working with these skills and the spiritual understandings explored in her training in Asia she provides a space for you to do the same.

Guiding you through your yoga practice and mindful growth in your day to day life.

Leyla's long career in photography enabled her to stoke her passion for creativity which she brings to her classes. Creating new flows and encouraging self-expression, allowing you to follow your own path.

 A strong emphasis on your own personal yoga journey is prominent in her teaching.

Valuing the human body and encouraging her clients to defy the odds despite self-imposed limitations."I ask you to dig deeper, strive for more or to simply ‘accept’ who you are, finding peace, seeing the beauty in your being"

Leyla developed her Yoga and wellness training while in India & Thailand where she worked with Yogi’s and Monks, trained as a teacher in Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow and as a student of Vipassana as well as love and kindness meditation.

She now teaches in the UK, in and around London.

She holds workshops, retreats, and Festivals within the UK and abroad.


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I have been doing yoga with Leyla for 5months-6months and after going to her yoga classes, i could see the big changes in my psyhical and mental health. I learnt many techniques and got many knowledge from her yoga classes. I could really see the benefits j had with her classes as i am calm, collective and a good thinker now as her yoga class tought me how to deal with stress and negativity. Yoga with her really charge my life for better and nade my life more positive and brighter. Leyla is a great teacher who gives positive vibe… Read more »

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