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Mindfulness Yoga

  • South Road, Hythe, Kent.

About Mindfulness Yoga

Based in Hythe, Kent, Genevieve from Mindfulness Yoga offers modern, science-based yoga classes enabling individuals to take time for themselves to become stronger both mentally and physically. Mindfulness Yoga understands that every body type is different and therefore achieving the ‘perfect looking’ pose doesn’t matter; it's not all about touching your toes. Every BODY is on a journey; Mindfulness Yoga practice is about being 'mindful' of your body and appreciating this and what it enables you to achieve on a daily basis.

​Mindfulness Yoga classes focus on one peak pose asana and scaffold the practice, allowing you to build into the pose through structured movements. Along the way, you will be encouraged to notice how your body is feeling and to work to your body's requirements in a safe and progressive way, rather than pushing beyond your body's capabilities.

Mindfulness Yoga dispels myths around yoga being all about ultimate flexibility and perfect poses. Instead, physical movements in collaboration with meditation and breathing techniques form the basis of a mindful practice that enables you to find solace and strength to live and thrive: this is yoga for the modern mindful body.


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