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Yoga with Bernie

Yoga with Bernie

  • 4 Park Lane, Accrington, Lancashire BB5 3AF.

About Yoga with Bernie

Zen Yoga, Qigong and additional Mindfulness based practices e.g. Yoga Nidra, Restorative Zen Yoga, Mindfulness, Mindful Arts and Crafts and Yoga Workshops all at the Coach House, Rhyddings Park, Oswaldtwistle.
Also visiting existing groups, taking these practices to the wider community - as well as baby massage, baby yoga, children's and family yoga.

Zen Yoga highlights three intertwined areas in it's practice (yogacara): mindfulness or awareness, physical alignment and the flow of energy. This is uniquely based in Japanese philosophy of Mahayana Buddhism, which is one of the principles of Zen. It consists of a variety of physical and energetic practices emphasizing the exploration of our true self through meditation and yogic practices.
Although Qigong included in Zen Yoga, it is also a stand alone practice. Qigong is a personal, physical health practice - a dynamic meditation, a way of being. The Chinese practice of Qigong (also referred to as Chinese Yoga) dates back to around five-thousand years ago. The English translation is Qi (life energy) and gong (cultivation of or workings with), so it is a practice working with life energy - working with the energy meridians. The Practice combines slow graceful movements with mindful focus and breathing to increase and balance the vital energy.

In my classes there is an ethos of treating ourselves with kindness, of finding space to re-connect with oneself, with life and with our environment; a space to develop awareness of body, mind and breath. A space to practice, focusing on each moment, to develop a deeper awareness of listening to the body and practicing wisely to bring enjoyment of the many benefits that a regular mindful practice has to offer.

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