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BODi Yoga at ENERGYBODi Sensation

Waterfoot, Lancashire, BB4 9HP
Phone: 07972932117
Website Address: http://www.niapilates.com/BODi-YOGA.html
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Let's embrace stretching, strengthening, aligning and empowerment. Now is the time to sink into and deepen your stretches, to relax your mind, soothe your emotions and inspire your spirit with Jo Davidson at BODi YOGA.
Join Jo to be gently guided, slowly and with care, into places of increased flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation. Experience your body moving into and out of Yoga postures that are thousands of years old, with ease, patience and a focus on pleasure.
BODi YOGA with Jo Davidson is 'Classic Hatha Yoga' systematised over two thousand
years ago by Patanjali. It is based on the universal principles of Balance, hence the name Hatha - The Sun (Ha), and the Moon (Tha).

Classes are taught at a gentle, meditative pace, allowing time for the body to release and relax. We focus on posture, alignment and core strength, alongside breathing and relaxation techniques. Every class is a journey. We explore classic Yoga postures, moving with ease with absolutely no body knotting! We gradually build strength and stability, take time to increase mobility and flexibility… and allow ourselves to be guided by our body. There is no rush.
All Yoga is a’ Practice’. Each and every time you practice is different and it will depend on how a person is feeling from one day to another. Our energy levels change and it is through Yoga we learn what is appropriate energy expenditure. In other words,  what is ‘enough’?
In BODi YOGA, we incorporate & practise various techniques for breathing and relaxing. Each class combines a wonderful ’wind down’ leaving your bodies, your nervous system and your minds soothed.
We focus on increasing our awareness; of the senses, concentration of the mind and connection to the earth, yourself and those around you. You will leave the class feeling physically ‘worked’, stretched and so relaxed! The benefits of BODi YOGA will be felt immediately.
Yoga teaches us what it feels like to have lengthened muscles. It shows us how to move our bodies in ways that create balance, stability and core strength whilst moving with ease, flexibility and agility. BODi YOGA enables us to feel the relationship of bones and muscles, and also the pleasure of mobility...
Aerial Yoga is a form of Yoga which uses a low hanging, wide aerial fabric like a hammock to aid traditional yoga postures by supporting your body weight. 
 Suitable for all levels including complete beginners. 
The fabric helps us to achieve postures that may be too challenging normally and allows us to build towards them safely or can add an extra element of challenge. 
It is an incredible tool and practice for self care, expansion and joy. If you dream of flying with grace, with fun, with connection and with confidence, then come see how to make that dream come true. Remember how good it feels to feel good, and to know that it's more than okay to feel good about feeling so good. It's yours and everyone's absolute right.
Well, this amazing practice truly is for everyone.
You are held, supported, encouraged, step by step to slide into your own grace and deepen your relationship with yourself in ways that are quite remarkable and, at times, profound.
I see the most exhilarating and almost miraculous results unfolding every week, from pain relief and increased vitality, to astonishing balance and control from all shapes sizes and ages.

Opening Times

Opening Times: WEDNESDAY
6pm BODi Yoga
7.15pm BODi Dance
8.30pm BODi Yoga

10 am BODi Dance
11.15am BODi Yoga

1.30pm Youth Aerial Yoga
3pm Aerial Yoga

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Clarke Holme Street
Burnley Road East,


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