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Norwich, Norfolk, NR13 5DE
Phone: +447745133402
Website Address: www.andreayoga.co.uk
5 based on 7 review(s).

I work as a primary school leader and have a background in fitness instruction, healthcare, and of course, there's also lots of yoga.

In person classes are offered as well as online classes, if you would rather practise from the comfort of your very own home.

Andreayoga is a practice for all levels, ages and abilities, including for pre-beginners with no experience of yoga at all. Recommended for ages 18 to 118!

An alignment based practice you will become a good 'listener' to your body's signals, you will progress rapidly in your practice from a foundation of peace.

Improve flexibility, strength, cardiovascular fitness and posture.

Move and soothe, stretch and tone for better all-round fitness and vitality.

Reduce stress, anxiety, learn to breathe well, sleep well and bring yourself into the present moment.

Create a healthy and positive ‘climate’ for your spirit to thrive and soar, with a regular diet of relaxation and guided meditation. Know ‘resilience’ and discover that you can do more than you ever thought as possible.

Join us to start an exciting journey now, with the potential to transform your life!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Message hello@andreayoga.co.uk or visit www.andreayoga.co.uk for more information.

Can yoga be done on a budget? Yes it can! Become a VIP Patron for online classes here: www.patreon.com/Andreayoga


Andrea xx




Opening Times

Opening Times: 9am to 9pm

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Online Classes (distance no object!) and in-person Classes offered on outskirts of Norwich


7 Reviews/Comments on "AndreaYoga"

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Rating :

I have attended several different classes with AndreaYoga and found each one to be extremely enjoyable and beneficial to my physical and emotional health. Andrea has a very personable way and always ensures that she takes her students on their own journey at a pace thats right for them. If you are thinking about starting a yoga class you then this the place. If you are already experienced then you will find several different classes that are also tight for you. Thank you AndreaYoga for making my life better!

Rating :

Absolutely love yoga classes with Andrea. Thank you for brightening up my Saturday mornings. Wish I had time to attend every yoga class. Andreas warm smile brightens up every lesson. I feel fitter and stronger and more importantly less stressed since joining yoga class. Thank you so much

Rating :

Absolutely love yoga with Andrea. Since joining these classes I feel fitter stronger and more importantly less stressed. Thank you so much

Babs D
Rating :
I have attended yoga classes in the past, but could never stick at it, in comparison to my previous experiences in yoga, I genuinely found that ‘Yoga with Andrea’ is the best fit for anyone. She is very friendly, approachable and inclusive. Whether you are shy, mature ( I fit into this category unfortunately!!!) , a complete novice or very experienced in Yoga, her classes are suited to everyone, no matter what level you are at. ‘Yoga with Andrea’ is professional, knowledgeable and she really knows her stuff! I highly recommend her and she cares very much about her ‘yogis’.… Read more »
Rating :

I really love Andrea’s classes both in person and now online as well. I attend Saturday mornings and as many other classes as I can get to in between my hospital shifts. Your classes leave me feeling really amazing physically and help me with my mental well-being. I am so glad I found you and your classes, thank you so much XX

Rating :

Yoga with Andrea is absolutely brilliant! I weight train and find this has helped me to be more flexible, lift better and have better joints. It’s always relaxing and a good opportunity to take some time out of a busy day! Andrea has a really positive and calming demeanour which really helps to boost your confidence and sets you up for a good day. Thank you Andrea

Rating :
I started doing Yoga with Andrea during lockdown as I have always been nervous to go to a live yoga class. I didn’t want to be the only man there! The virtual class option was perfect for me so I joined and found that Andrea is just simply the best teacher I could have hoped for. I cant recommend her classes enough. She is very professional but friendly and approachable. Her classes are really excellent and they cover all abilities and strength and fitness levels. Awesome!! I also wont be hesitant to actually go to a live yoga class now… Read more »

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