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Selby, North Yorkshire, yo8 3lx
Phone: 01757702750
Website Address: www.carolsyoga.co.uk
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Hatha yoga in Selby .
Let your journey begin into the world of Hatha yoga
I have been teaching for 25 years, starting with Aerobics /step / eventually becoming involved in my real passions of Yoga and Pilates

I am a certified yoga instructor trained with many , Bwy Bsy with Diplomas. Reps level 4 I have an up to date First Aid Certificate and regularly attend organized and recognised training days ,
I specialise in Yoga for both beginners and more experienced clients , I care passionately about Yoga, and my clients...Seeing the improvements in peoples health and well being is the main motivator for me.
Yoga s History & Background
Yoga is an ancient system of exercise from India. Yoga means union, to join, to bind together to yoke. It is the union of mind body and spirit, a holistic approach to your physical and mental well being. Yoga combines breathing and stretching with a relaxed awareness, resulting in a beautiful toned body, glowing complexion and a positive attitude towards life. Everyone can practice Yoga. It is for everybody. This thoughtful practice promotes a mental and physical flexibility that students find beneficial in all areas of life. It is a mindful approach to exercise rather than a mindless one, an approach that that will pervade a persons whole being. Reducing stress and tensions and developing vitality, strength and a calm mind.
Traditional Hatha yoga should be easy and taken gently. Practiced slowly, mindfully, with a free flowing breath and a quiet mind. The movements called Asanas (postures) are designed to work each muscle, joint and ligament in the body, increasing the circulation and nourishing each cell for optimum health and vitality. The breathing rhythms of Yoga enable us to access the life force within us, creating vigor and a feeling of well being. Calm breath; calm mind. Hatha Yoga is a purificatory process of cleansing the body and mind. It is practiced as the first step to all Yogic disciplines. Its aim is to cease the constant chitter chatter of the mind, so the light of your true self will shine.
During class
Yoga is non-competitive  it is about you working steadily gradually and mindfully during practice. We are all different and our individual practice can vary on different days and times of day. Most importantly Yoga is not supposed to hurt! you should feel comfortable working to your own capabilities without comparing yourself to others.
So awareness of the self, listening to and respecting your body ensures a steady gradual progress. Enjoy your Yoga

Try Yoga
You will be amazed with the results you achieve.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday Yoga 9.30am home studio
Monday Yoga 5..30 pm home studio
Tuesday Yoga 9.30 am home studio
Wednesday Pilates 9.30 am home studio
Thursday Yoga 6.00 pm home studio

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Greystones Selby


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Rating :

very good

Rating :

what can i say this class is excellent

Rating :

I love this classes and would recommend to all. The yoga itself is extremely relaxing and de-stressing, carol is an excellent instructor.

Rating :

I would definitely recommend this Yoga class to everyone

Rating :

Carol’s class is suitable for all abilities. You will be helped to get the best out of your yoga and will feel relaxed and refreshed at the end of each class. I’m looking forward to the next class.

Rating :

Excellent yoga class. carol’s yoga teaches you to focus on your breathing, this attention to breath is calming , disolves stress and anxiety away. The asanas and relaxation are brill.

Rating :

What can I say about Carol’s Yoga class it’s absolutely amazing?

Rating :

Brill yoga class.

Rating :

I have been attending carols Yoga class every week, when I first attended I did not think I would like it but I was wrong I do really enjoy going and I feel great benefits from yoga .

carols Yoga
Rating :

I love every thing in Carols Yoga class

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