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About YoGeekYoga

Hi, I'm Matt!
A yoga teacher and personal trainer based in Nidderdale. My aim is to guide you to a practice that not only helps to create strength and flexibility in the body but also to instil a sense of peace and harmony in the mind unlocking new neural pathways to let go of past habitual processes and help create a new confident, focused and free future. Looking to bring this ancient practice back to its roots by teaching on a 121 basis so that we can truly begin to understand the depths of the practice and how it can benefit us as individuals yet still for the greater good of all who share this planet.
My yoga journey started when I first stepped onto a mat at a local vinyasa class many years ago. The combination of stillness, focus and strength immediately appealed and started me on my journey to where I find myself today. I was drawn to Mysuru India to learn and study the traditional approach to yoga and found it was both enlightening and inspiring to me.

The use of the body through yoga led me to bodyweight training and conditioning to build agility and strength. Which in turn led me to train as a personal trainer to share further knowledge of fitness and anatomy. This combination of knowledge can be applied to benefit people of all shapes and sizes, ages, abilities and backgrounds. My passion lies with changing habits and mindsets. Watching transformation in peoples attitudes, bodies and mentalities is what makes me and my clients happy!

Everyone's practice is uniquely different.

Let me help you find yours.

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