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Yoga with Kerry Wilde

Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN1
Phone: 07545490769
Website Address: www.kerrywilde.com/yoga
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Kerry Wilde Yoga & Meditation

Kerry's classes are for all, offering the following:
 Private 121's and small group classes with friends or family
 Open classes
 Beginner's courses (6 weeks)
 Skype Privates
 Skype Meditation

What are Private 121's?
Private 121's are an opportunity to expand more fully into your practice. With more conscious and focused attention on the practitioner there is a deepening of the teachings and a more personal nourishing approach to learning. Kerry will guide you towards your own solid self practice and give you the tools, confidence and body-awareness to unfold with support.
Privates can be tailored to an individual's needs, whether the person would just like to learn yoga basics, work on a specific posture, integrate a deeper understanding of breath and energy, find more clarity and peace through meditation. The following styles can be adapted for a private session:
 Slow Flow
 Shakti Flow (Women -introducing womb wisdom)
 Ashtanga modified
 Restorative

What happens in Open Classes?

Each class is movement-based, with postures linked together with breath, inviting in divine wisdom and sacred teachings. The classes are for all levels and abilities. Each set of postures are Intelligently sequenced with an intuitive flow or breath and rhythm so that the body moves effortlessly with softness, strength and ease.
Kerry sees each class as a vessel of creative energy and is intuitively guided to steer each class honouring the collective. Having a strong personal practice has been the catalyst for a deeper sense of self-love, knowing, self-trust and an embodiment of connection to nature. Through sharing our experience we can learn together and gently loosen any parts of ourselves that are stuck, rigid and not aiding our journey. Open classes are a great way to play, meet like-minded souls and draw on the energy of the group. We also love to keep it real and have fun in our practice!

What will I learn on a 6 week Beginners course?

The first part of the course will begin with Breathing! Here is a little test, are you breathing now? Are you softening your belly and allowing your diaphragm to expand so the air can get in? Maybe do a little breathing challenge today and set reminders on your phone to remind you to take in 5 deep breaths? To consciously breath, is the biggest and most important lesson of our whole practice! So we start with a breath practice! You will learn how to be in your body and feel again. We will go through basic postural alignment in poses, muscle engagement, stability, joint placement all weaved into basic poses. We will bring yoga philosophy into class and so you will understand the fundamental principles. We will start slowly and gradually integrate each week, layering more as we go. We will all grow together on this journey of blossoming into the practice of Yoga.

Skype Privates
These sessions are for people with a self-practice or who have been to Private sessions with me and want a personally sequenced guided class from me in the comfort of their own home. It is for Yogis who are at ease with basic alignment and easily digest verbal cues. It is a beautiful nurturing experience to set yourself up ready for practice with your personal teacher on the line at a time that suits you! Bringing an invaluable bit of self-love to your day!

Skype Meditation

Sessions are individually designed to to support your specific needs and can involve meditation, inner journeying, energy release, connecting to the elements and reiki medicine. In daily life it can be difficult to begin a meditation practice, you may feel too busy, stressed or just last on your list to be able to settle down to acknowledge how you are truly feeling.
Through these meditation journeys, our aim is to surrender to what is. Creating a safe container to share openly, we will identify and be guided towards the root cause of anything in your life that is hindering your expansion and connection. Drawing on elemental energies, Kerry will guide you back home, towards your true essence, remembering who you are. These blissful moments will filter through into your daily life.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Privates - please contact for availability
Open classes - Monthly Yurt yoga circle for women - Fridays

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Northampton, Daventry, Befordshire


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