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Aimi Dunstan OneYoga Hexham Northumberland www.oneyoga.co.uk

Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 2DL
Phone: 07948337164
5 based on 12 review(s).

Aimi is a qualified Iyengar Yoga Junior Intermediate Level 3 teacher and has been teaching yoga for 8 years and practicing for 16 years.  As a Junior Intermediate L3 teacher Aimi can teach one-to-one, small groups and pregnancy yoga.

Aimi's Iyengar yoga classes are taught in a friendly environment and are suitable for beginners and more experienced clients.
One to one and small group sessions can also be arranged in your own home or at the yoga hall in Hexham.

Iyengar yoga teachers undergo intensive training to qualify as teachers once qualified are obliged to attend annual profesional development training. We are taught to adapt posses to ensure safe practise by students of all abilities and often use props (blocks & bricks) for those who need extra support.
For more information on what to expect visit my website www.oneyoga.co.uk



Iyengar Yoga Association UK

The B.K.S Iyengar trademark (shown above) certifies that Aimi Dunstan is a qualified IYENGAR® Yoga teacher and is a member of the Iyengar Yoga (UK). This trademark can only be used under licence by teachers that have completed an approved Iyengar Yoga training course.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday 7.30 - 8.45 p.m. (Mens)
Monday 10 - 11.15 a.m. (Ladies)
Wednesday 9.30 - 10.45 a.m. (Ladies)
Thursday 9.30 - 10.45 a.m. (Ladies)

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Hexham


12 Reviews/Comments on "Aimi Dunstan OneYoga Hexham Northumberland www.oneyoga.co.uk"

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Philip Dyer
Rating :

I have been attending Aimi’s class for about 8 months. I previously suffered from back pain but since starting the classes I have noticed a real improvement in my posture and I sleep much better too. Aimi tends to focus each class on a different part of the body. She is very precise in her instruction and is quick to correct our mistakes. The men-only class is a mixed-age and ability group and very friendly.

Rating :

Aimi is a very good yoga teacher who is very supportive. I have been going to her classes for over a year now and, in my experience – having been to several different yoga classes, she is one of the best yoga teachers in the northeast.

Rating :

Aimi’s classes are for everyone!
She is an experienced,professional and very caring teacher who delivers her classes in a friendly,relaxed atmosphere.
Aimi goes out of her way to make sure everyone feels included and ensures very clear instructions are given for each pose.Her very calm,motivating approach encourages all abilities and her level of experience ensures the safety and well-being of the class is considered at all times.
She really is a special teacher who is a credit to the Iyengar Yoga Institute and we are very lucky to have her in Hexham.

Angela Beattie
Rating :

Aimi is an extremely inspiring teacher who shares her love of yoga with her class. She is patient and reassuring, particularly if you are new to yoga or have an injury. She is more than happy to spend time working out what is the best way for you to achieve a pose. But above all, her classes are great fun.

Zoe York
Rating :

Aimi is a fantastic teacher and her classes are small, friendly and very welcoming to new students. I have attended her classes for 2 years and they make a huge difference to how I feel. She is extremely good at adapting each position to suit mixed experience levels in the class so everyone feels challenged. I would highly recommend.

Rating :

I have attended Aimi’s classes since she started practicing in Hexham. Aimi is a skilful, caring teacher who has enabled me to progress in my practice helping me to develop in confidence and wellbeing. Aimi has taught me so well I have enjoyed yoga events led by senior teachers and visiting teachers helping me to develop further. I love my yoga classes with Aimi and look forward to many many more. Anne Matthews.

Luke Alexander-Dent
Rating :

Aimi’s yoga classes are fun and friendly. The classes are well-structured and carefully planned, usually focusing on a different muscle group each week. There is always a good mix of new poses and those poses we do frequently (often with minor variations). Aimi gives very clear instructions, including very specific guidance on how to get the poses exactly right. She will always advise of corrections or alterations people can make to allow for different levels of ability or specific mobility issues. I would (and do) highly recommend Aimi’s classes.

Alison W
Rating :

I love Aimi’s classes. Aimi is a naturals and talented teacher. She has great communication skills. Her instructions are precise and clear so you know exactly what you are aiming for even if you can’t quite manage it. Above all though Aimi creates an environment that is welcoming, fun and inclusive. You really can be totally new to yoga and be able to participate fully such is Aimi’s knowledge of adapting poses and ensuring you are challenged but safe and within your capabilities.
Aimi’s classes are my happy place 😊

Judy Walker
Rating :

Aimi is an excellent yoga teacher. She gives clear, precise instructions for each pose, always has a theme to the class and is happy to help individuals to reach their potential. There is always an excellent variety of poses, which we practice with good humour but in a calm atmosphere. My weekly yoga class with Aimi is a little oasis of well-being. I always leave on a high.

Andrew John
Rating :

I attend Aimi’s class on a Monday evening, it’s really friendly and I’ve learnt absolutely loads since starting nearly 2 years ago. Great for beginners as Aimi takes things at each individuals own pace, but great also for those with more experience.
I thoroughly recommend it as I’ve gone from not being very flexible to being able to do some quite challenging and complex poses, also I find Iyengar yoga really great for overall relaxation tone and fitness.
If your looking for a really great, well organised and fun yoga class, I definitely recommend Aimi’s yoga lessons.

Helen McIntyre
Rating :

I have been attending Ami’s Iyengar class for many years. They are adaptive for all abilities , ages and are very enjoyable, she is very thoughtful and considerate towards her students. I would recommend these classes if you reside in the area.

Nicola Alexander-Dent
Nicola Alexander-Dent
Rating :

Aimi is a wonderful teacher. She caters her classes for people of all ages and abilities and is very attentive to each pupils needs. I have attended her classes for the past 18months and felt my strength and flexibility improved during that time. I now unable to attend her classes due to work commitments and I miss the tranquility her classes provides. Aimi is very knowledgeable both about the moves and how to improve your posture. I would strongly recommend her classes.

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